One plus phone overseas “flatter” : China mobile comparable Chinese kung fu?

editor’s note: this article from the New York times has an article on a cell phone use experience, as well as to the one plus Liu Zuohu the founder of the mobile phone. Articles for one plus mobile phone for the U.S. market provides a “high performance” Android machine gave a grandiose praise. In this paper, we add a mobile phone is called “the fastest Android machine”, “comparable to the Nexus 5 but only after the Nexus of 5 design”. Interestingly, the domestic accustomed “to invite buyers” and other marketing model, is the article as a “evidence” of mobile phone hot sales overseas. Although this article is too “subjective”, but for the Chinese handset makers pointed out the development direction of overseas market virtually: low price, high, concise design, snapping up mode… Perhaps, Chinese mobile phone can really like Chinese kung fu, become the new logo for China in the world.

over the years, the technology industry has been waiting for the coming king: a powerful, low-cost smartphones.

although many other technology products prices are now falling, but in most high-end smartphone prices are rising, reached $650 (RMB 4000) high, than apple as early as 2007 issue of the first generation iPhone more expensive.

a lot of people just spend about $200 (RMB 1200) can start with a contract machine, it makes people feel smart or very cheap. But don’t forget, this is just the down payment of upgrade you signed the contract, the balance will pay during the period of the contract, looks didn’t cost much, but the expiry of the contract, you calculate again? For example, you buy an iPhone 6 or any S5, contracts for two years, so capitation down, not including the package fee, only the phone itself, will pay $27 per month (RMB 165). High-end smartphones cost is much higher than most laptops and desktops and even higher than a lot of TV and the cost of home appliances. The price of a smartphone, can for you to eat in New York on a luxurious two person dinner, estimates that there are left.

high-end smartphones should also be cheaper? They are really worth so much money? Prices are really not negotiable?

the answer is yes, try to change the current political situation has emerged. This month, headquartered in shenzhen, China opens One plus technology (OnePlus) OnePlus One booking. The high price of phone, science and technology enthusiasts around the world have coveted for months at a time. (up to open to booking before, the only way to get the phone, is through “invite buyers” mode, if you don’t have a friends invite you bought the phone, that can’t only.)

in recent weeks, I’ve been using OnePlus One, I found that it is the hottest I used to force a mobile phone. Contracted but not simple design, cutting-edge hardware configuration, popular CyanogenMod operating system, no don’t let a person shine at the moment. CyanogenMod, in particular, this is a flash version of the Android, compared to other manufacturers crammed into a large number of applications of version, CyanogenMod more flexible easy operation.

the most important of all, OnePlus One costs a mere $299 (RMB 1800). $299, not contract price, nor with any of the provisions, but a bare machine price, the price is less than less than apple, samsung and HTC brand high-end phones in half. As long as paid $299, the phone is completely on your own. For OnePlus One net, t-mobile and other companies have discount packages, in the long run, bought OnePlus One to enjoy the discount is more cost-effective.

however, OnePlus One for most people, do not apply – at least so far. Because it has a lot of attention and warning information, such as after-sales service coverage is insufficient, malfunction can’t find the place maintenance and so on.

however, the company still prospects at all. If it can be brutal ride the waves in the smartphone market, all the way forward, perhaps can let we have to look at the future of such a wonderful, powerful, low-cost smartphones.

one plus phone was founded in the end of 2013, the founder of Liu Zuohu is China’s technology industry veteran, he wanted to develop a common people could afford high-end smartphones. Not only is a person’s idea, in recent years, with smartphone spare parts prices have fallen sharply, a large number of Chinese start-ups have mushroomed emerge, is committed to intelligent mobile phone manufacturing high quality and low price.

Liu Zuohu, left, a founder of the science and technology and one plus Pei in science and technology, global head of Carl

these phones fundamentally changed the mobile industry in China and other developing countries, according to research firm Canalys survey data, this summer, another cheap more than samsung smartphone makers millet, as China’s largest smartphone manufacturers. It is now the world is suffering from low price to the fierce competition in the mobile phone, falling profits.

but one plus technology in mobile phone manufacturers in China is still a distinctive, it is not confined to the domestic market, believe they can rush out of doors, chiefly. Liu Zuohu have long been split in two, the company by the department, a service Chinese consumers, the other is committed to the international market.

one plus technology, global head of Carl, Pei Pei in (Carl), said one plus science and technology in the international market team members, and a third from Asia, one third from Europe, and a third, from the United States, said: “we are not think of myself as a Chinese company.”

this year in Europe and the United States some science and technology media win some enthusiastic praise, one plus mobile phone on the mystery of science and technology abroad sensation caused by far more than the Chinese. Carl, pei said in a recent interview: “soon, we will more than domestic sales abroad.”

although reluctant to provide the exact sales data, pei or gives some general data, such as one plus mobile phone sales in the United States about a day between 5000 and 10000, account for about 30% of total sales. This means that one plus monthly mobile phone sales in the United States alone, 150000 to 300000 units, sales can reach more than 1 million units, this number may only be a fraction of the global smartphone industry, but for a start-up company just established a year, is undoubtedly a great feat.

a mobile phone, 6 slightly heavier than the iPhone (5.7 vs. 4.6 ounce), a gorilla glass, make its 5.5 -inch screen more hard and wear resistant.

a mobile phone is very popular, not surprisingly, it is almost the fastest run Android phones on the market, a 5.5 -inch screen, is to let a person shine at the moment. My only complaint is that the phone’s camera is not good, no image pixels and color ways can carry over competitors.

one plus the SONY cameras, 13 million pixels.

in other ways, OnePlus One is superior to most Android phones on the market, including samsung’s Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. (yes, One plus and HTC the name of the two phones are One.) Said one plus, because of its user interface simple and clean, not like other Android mobile phone, the entire screen is filled with meaningless stunt and unnecessary applications. In this regard, One plus a little bit like the Google Nexus 5 – another cost-effective ultra-high phone – but on the whole, OnePlus One more powerful, also win the Nexus 5 design.

but one plus mobile phone’s problem is that the future has too much uncertainty – and it is directly related to your mobile phone service life in the future. Pei also admitted: “to be honest, we are not sure what is its own business model.” At least so far, the company has not much profits from the sale of the mobile phone.

he added company may cooperate with software company in the future, the application installed on a mobile phone, or increase the accessories varieties, through this way to make money.

although there is no clear business model, but one plus or in accelerating expansion project, it employs the customer service specialist, in order to perfect after-sale, and plans to hire local team, in order to provide more efficient service. Through low price to sell a powerful mobile phones, one plus may profit gradually, and become the world famous brand of smart phone.

but bet one plus, need to invest $300 bet. Independent analyst Jan Dawson, points out, by contrast, the old smartphone market does not require the customer at once took out so much, now the main operators are offering zero down payment, interest-free financing plan, which means that customers can pay $30 a month, buy a $650 phone payment by installments.

Jan Dawson said: “although the iPhone may be more expensive, but as long as by stages, prepaid almost equal OnePlus One One over ten of the price, you can proceed with One.” If you there is something wrong with the iPhone, after no problem. If you are tired of playing want to, a lot of people are willing to take over. From this perspective, spend a little money is worth it?

for many users, it is. $650 smartphone, although more expensive, but wins in reliable, one plus will almost suddenly, who also don’t know. Not just China, affordable mobile phone will soon be everywhere. In the end, there is always a might be good for you.

Source: NYT

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