One meter part-time: through business and part-timers payment side

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the campus part-time market exist forever, the current college students looking for a part-time information already not to 58 and market. Crooks and intermediary part-time information posted on campus can not over, let alone have to polish eyes select online.

hunting cloud network previously reported a part-time on campus market product, positioning is the campus students part-time information platform, the information on the confirmatory, part-time cat is by doing part-time jobs to screen out unreliable part-time information database. But there will always be omissions, so stupid way on some.

the team behind “part-time” one meter in use the most stupid way to standardize part-time market information. All in one meter platform to release the businesses they would go to the field of part-time information manual inspection, the businessman must have a business license certification can be granted through its part-time recruitment information, made the first in the source control.

but if it is just a stupid way is not worth to report. Is one of the most important is its biggest feature is hunting cloud network editor by: a meter part-time created businesses and part-timers to pay. Which means users don’t have to worry about in terms of the labor remuneration settlement unpaid wages or delay the deductions. Part-timers directly to clock in at the mobile end sign in computing time, part-time working hours and the businessman confirmation system will immediately put money settlement to the part-timers individual account, can withdrawal to the card or pay treasure, also supports the scene rapidly.

in addition to the online payment, in hunting cloud network point of view, one meter in doing part-time most Internet thinking action is: people who work part-time problems encountered in the work, do not hesitate to contact and platform, the personnel of the service information will be the first time after arrange personnel to help solve. At the same time in the event of a dispute, if the people who work part-time payday did not make mistakes but be not a cause, a meter the relevant person in charge of the on-the-spot investigation, the case company will paid for part-timers first labor income.

maybe it was always supposed to be a part-time Internet platform should do. Part-timers and platform of relations is not only to find a job in an abrupt end, but in the process of part-time or even till the end of a part-time paid users are in contact with a meter happening. “Pure Internet services and rightly so!”

at present, the part-time job is only one meter operating three cities: Shanghai, hefei, zhengzhou. Other cities will be gradually opened, the team said that a metre is in 100 cities around the country to establish offline service agencies, national human libraries and corporate jobs database is a maximum value of the future.


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