One by one: cloud morning hunting 】 【 bosses said world conference on the Internet


world conference on the Internet, each sentence summary

xi: let the Internet results benefit the 1.3 billion Chinese people.

ma kai: let the Internet become a safety net Rest assured.

tencent ma: tencent will focus on doing the connector of the Internet. Build a new ecological open intellectual property rights. Dowson: QQ connection all 24 hours of life in the future.

Lei jun:

millet millet will become the world’s first smart phone company.

jingdong liu: electric business tax is conducive to curb fake.

new Oriental Mr Yu: education need to be online together.

dig money zhi-guo li: 95% of the traffic from mobile terminal.

Victor koo:

optimal soil video integration is the key.

the People’s Daily Mali: sweeping new media.

xinhuanet Tian Shu wb: Internet new media ecosystem.

today’s headlines yi-ming zhang: recommendation engine didn’t let narrow information.

guangming daily high Liu Xian: media is king.

weibo gao-fei wang: weibo redesign will continue.

TV Cao Jiang: new media need more personalized service. TV media LiYiQing: vertical integration mode is not suitable for TV.


baidu know you more over the next 30 years intelligent robots. On: with personalized social recommendation news.

GSMA chairman Pan Fu love: four barriers to digital convergence.

telecom wang xiaochu, cross-border cooperation to promote sustained growth of the Internet

China unicom chairman chang xiaobing: “mobile intelligent linking.

move Li Huidi: mobile Internet as a new economic development engine.

softbank’s son: 2020 per 1000 devices connected.

Facebook Karl Smith: the Internet should pay more attention to people.

broadband capital Edward tian: the age of the Internet industry.

sequoia shen: young people dominate the startup of China and the United States.

LinkedIn founder hoffman: network era to create prosperity.

the Chinese academy of engineering fang: the Internet of things must be combined with the Internet.

cloud network small make up also hunting for 1: ok, so nervous, have forgetten the word. You happy to play together, I will be on the window looking at good, to be a quiet man.

meizu MX4 pro with fingerprint identification and Hi – Fi

5.5 inch screen resolution is 2560 * 1536, 2 k resolution sharp/JDI, equipped with independent display memory

samsung Exynos 5430 eight processors, 20 nm process technology

3 gb of memory, 16 gb/32 gb/64 gb

500 w/2070 w/pixel camera before and after the

front Home button to press type

the ES9018 decoding chip, OPA1612 op-amp chip

16 g the price of only 2499, small make up hand remnants from start booking until five o ‘clock, I brush, no order, is now crying in the toilet. Jack you out, I want to take your hand phone.

millet and love for capital of 1.8 billion yuan investment in the baidu and

millet and announced for capital, millet and for capital to RMB 1.8 billion ($300 million) a shareholder iQIYI, baidu also increase the investment in iQIYI. IQIYI will, after the completion of this round of investment and strategic shareholder baidu and millet in content, technology, product innovation, especially the mobile Internet sector depth cooperation.

iQIYI, founder and CEO gong yu, said the investment of millet is the network video industry and iQIYI company value and the prospects of highly recognized, believe that by baidu, millet, and the joint efforts of iQIYI, build more complete, full of vitality of the video. This is millet after investment youku and capital operation in the field of video. Announced on November 12, millet tens of millions of dollars investment youku potatoes, concrete will be purchased through the secondary market stock, future, youku tudou self-control content in millet everything carriers such as box, TV, or even mobile phone terminal.

iQIYI, small make up after a year of iQIYI early flight and smile to bully. One brings me joy, is always a variety of worship my faye wong, so, like you yo, rich to capricious, make better watch the program.

iPhone 7 or are equipped with dual cameras Rival SLR

well-known apple watchers John Gruber (John Gruber) has said in his blog that the next iPhone (hereinafter referred to as the “iPhone” 7) camera system will be a major upgrade. Gruber, citing people familiar with the matter said: “I got the news that the next few years the iPhone camera system will be by far the most significant upgrade. Although the details are not clear, but the rear camera will be equipped with at least two lens, can shoot the photos of the SLR level.” In the past few years, apple has the iPhone camera system upgraded, add new model such as slow motion, slow film and panoramic video, etc.

what, accustomed to apple’s small steps, the steps so big, but will pull the egg? Small make up said vaguely balls of sorrow of mulberry. Is this legend cook suppress the big move, is used to implement the rumored trillions of dollars in value???????

apple or open to a third party from interface

apple in China, told a conference last week, the company is ready to open to third-party accessories manufacturers Lightning (20) interface, make it can be more convenient for iOS devices development of external power supplies and earphones, etc. The obvious advantage is that can provide convenience for the external power supply. This kind of product at present must use separate MicroUSB cable charging. If we can interface, built-in lightning directly iOS devices used to own cable charging.

lightning interface can also brings to the bluetooth headset is convenient, because the user can also direct the use of mobile phones bring cable charging, not only more convenient, but also can reduce the cost of headset manufacturers. In addition, a wired headset can even direct lightning interface to replace 3.5 mm headphone jack, so as to obtain better sound quality.

Ma Dan, it is high time to do so, all kinds of wires, cables is not general, trouble is dead. Would have suggested that cook, also good you use! Well, send a fruit six plus to hunt cloud network, left the door, small make up name is who, not at all.

Q3 wearable equipment market demand growth 40%

the UK consultancy Futuresource Consulting, according to consumer demand is growing rapidly, wearable technology in the third quarter of 2014 global wearable equipment shipments totaled 12.7 million, compared with the same period in 2013 about 2013 growth of 40%.

the UK the consulting firm market analyst Oliver Rowntree (Oliver Rowntree) said, “wearable device market clearly concern, we all wearable type equipment sales this year is expected to reach 52 million, up 32% from 2013.” Is expected in 2015 wearable equipment market growth rate will reach 44%, the sales will reach 74 million units. Rowntree, said wearable devices is still a fitness brand to give priority to. But at the same time, which has the function of the network connection is expected to watch, including smart meter and wireless table, will be expected to achieve a very strong growth, and their shipments will reach 83 million by 2018.

any equipment can be blessing in the body, how to become more and more feel like those doraemon treasure bag. Whether house later, what all don’t need to, we all do global travel talent well, anyway, nothing to wear in the body, where you are, where is the home, small make up good expectation.

yahoo working with Mozilla into Firefox the default search engine

yahoo and Mozilla Wednesday announced a five-year partnership – the former U.S. mobile and desktop search engines will become the latter version of Firefox browser’s default search tool. In addition, the two sides will also according to the agreement in exploring new product integration, and the development of other markets, etc.

the cooperation with Mozilla, for the company for the past five years the most big a deal. Through cooperation, yahoo will Firefox users to the United States to provide an enhanced search experience – clean, modern and immersion design as the main characteristic, integration of yahoo search engine Firefox will be released in December 2014.

gather beauty is superior in Q3 $19.5 million net profit rose 88.6%

gather beauty is superior (NYSE: JMEI) in the us local time, 19 U.S. stocks after the regular trading released as of September 30, 2014 in the third quarter unaudited financial results. Results show that, in the third quarter of 2014, the optimal revenue of $157.7 million, up 28.0%; Net profit of $19.5 million, $10.3 million year-on-year growth of 88.6% from the same period a year earlier, gather beauty is superior has 10 consecutive quarterly profit.

in the third quarter, gather beauty is superior total net turnover (GMV) for $273 million, up 31.4% from a year earlier, mainly due to the number of active users rose 23.8% and 14.1% of the total order quantity increased; Among them, the mobile transactions in the total net accounted for 57% of the total. At the same time, gather the superior, founder and CEO ms Chen said, before the end of the year to the third party platform cosmetics business to all incoming proprietary, in order to improve the product quality control, and the third party platform of cosmetics sales by brand cooperation, counters purchase and replaced the overseas purchase.

o that to bring their own salt, Chen is eating out the standard model. Like this kind of bold hunting cloud network rocks, don’t say is take salt, vinegar, soon. Back to the za a meal together bai, Chen big handsome boy.

lanting collection of potential Q3 net loss of $4.6 million from lower

lanting collection of potential released the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, 2014 in the third quarter financial results. Net revenue of $99 million, up 45.3% from a year earlier. Based on the general accounting rules, a net loss of $4.6 million, and in the second quarter net loss of $5.6 million.

according to yahoo finance aggregated data, Wall Street analysts on average expected 3 patients, not according to us GAAP (Non – GAAP), these set of potential third quarter earnings per share American depositary receipts (ADS) diluted net loss of $0.09. Results showed that lanting collection of potential in the third quarter each ADS diluted net loss of $0.09, in line with analysts’ expectations. In addition, Wall Street analysts on average expected 3 patients, lanting collection of potential in the third quarter of the total revenue will reach $94.4 million. Results showed that lanting collection of potential in the third quarter of the total revenue of $9900, higher than analysts’ expectations.

in relative terms, this is a step forward. Small make up to hunt cloud network before half an hour late for work, now fifteen minutes late, feel so motivated!

Google plans to launch in China Google Play app store

Google (GOOG) plan in the Chinese market to launch a version of Google Play app store, hoping to expand its influence in the Chinese market. In recent months, Google has been hinted at its intended to modify company policies for quite a long time, with mobile phone manufacturers and other potential partners in the Chinese market to operate its app store. At present, Chinese users in the Google Android mobile as a proportion of the total number of operating system user has amounted to about half.

words launched what, QQ WeChat plus weibo post bar, taobao alipay baidu cool dog, ah, small make up is so simple and crude directly.

tesla to shareholder holdings scale to break bottleneck

in the world calls for energy conservation and emissions reduction is more and more intense, the new energy vehicles gradually heating up. Since last year, from the United States silicon valley tesla, the electric car production enterprises in the capital market triggered a butterfly effect, driving stocks rose all the way.

however, the darling of the capital market, now still not get rid of the loss of baggage. Tesla’s latest results showed that in the third quarter of this year on revenue of $852 million, an increase of 97.6% from the $431 million over the same period last year; Net loss of $74.7 million, a net loss of $38.5 million over the same period of last year continued to expand. In addition, at present, Daimler, Toyota and other auto enterprise has been continuously reduce tesla shares.

underweight underweight, bitch is melodramatic. Small make up if I had money, all used to buy shares in tesla, no way, money is so capricious.

what bike? Baidu fastest bike launch by the end of the

rumors have long baidu bike DuBike unveiled a few days ago, DuBike will launch at the end of the year at the earliest. DuBike by baidu deep learning lab, together with the tsinghua academy plans to baidu as the core, the brain will navigation, social, health monitoring, crowdsourcing cycling route maps, intelligent recommendation module integration and fitness programs, and other functions, through the platform, interface mode, open to all bicycle manufacturers.

DuBike by the intelligent sensing system installed on the bike and health data management and social function of the APP, the integrated sensor, artificial intelligence, automatic control, data analysis, several technologies such as automatic customized path planning. Can ride by multidimensional sensor to collect users information, such as heart rate, calories, through baidu’s analysis, the brain interact through voice and body hard interface to the user guide, and establish the cloud big health records data for the user. DuBike social networks will also establish the cycling activities, and provide the route design based on baidu map, recommendations and analysis function, through health and smart devices account system, based on the health data to carry on the comprehensive analysis, for the rider to mold an exercise program. Conductor built-in GPS real-time judge the position of the bike, can also help the owner to prevent loss.

end of said good oh, if you can’t buy, I went to the door with one hundred bicycles, baidu won’t let you go out.

creative belt charge their phone

a British called the Nifty new technology companies, designed a model can serve as a mobile power supply belt, users don’t have to worry about mobile phone battery consumption in the outdoor light. nullnullnullnull

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