Once pirates, now push the communication tools to protect the privacy of users

a focus on the user’s data privacy recently unveiled a new service, the service spawned a new message application. BitTorrent peer-to-peer file transfer service company, has announced its bouts of the application of open to the public, but it’s encrypted P2P chat application functions of voice calls and text messages are still in the stage of testing. Bouts of Mac and Android version of the application is now available for download, but all versions of the application is the need to invite code to use.

as for the version of the iOS, BitTorrent, a spokesman said it would be their future work.

BitTorrent, once, because of the piracy is notorious for many times, but with the cooperation with advertisers and giant unfolding, and gradually out of its current. In the follow up of the national security agency to spy out coming of the user privacy scandal, it in the data privacy has been outspoken Internet companies. This is bouts of positioning a product.

BitTorrent said bouts are completely done end-to-end encryption technology, information and other data will only be stored in your device, users can also delete the message history at any time, can really achieve “a trace of the conversation.

here want to express the main meaning is that a chat application based on a distributed, peer-to-peer architecture structure, like BitTorrent used a more secure manner than the cloud security architecture as the basic structure of the application.

the product manager in charge of bouts Jaehee Lee said in a blog post, based on the cloud service user’s personal information will be stored on the server and some comparison of the content of the privacy, they are vulnerable to attacks. Privacy such an important thing must not be put on hold in the debate, the privacy of users should be in a safe location are difficult to steal.

however, bouts one method to solve this problem is through a “no or less server” architecture (this is based on a distributed hash table, or DHT, bouts of product manager Farid Fadaie said to continuously upgrade the technical side to better product development in the testing phase).

the other is how to let the consumer connected to application: you can use your email or phone number on the service, or you can access your client in stealth mode, the identity of the application does not require any personal information.

however, if you so choose, you can even import your address book contacts to the application, and by email, short messages, qr code or a public key to invite your friends to use bouts. BitTorrent said you can now move existing account information to an Android device, in order to receive all the information in the device.

bouts in fact have been developing for a whole year. At first, the app called BitTorrent Chat, had published in September 2013. Earlier this year, the company began to it into more detail, finally introduced the bouts, we now see as a transition after closed alpha version can only be used by inviting versions of Windows. (” bouts refers to has privacy level application, just like it sounds, we have no way of knowing or catch what you said, because you say everything for us, but it’s only a “beep” bouts.)

bouts of the latest iteration in the near future has publicly to want to try it, “Lee said, the company will continue to from already have before and new testers to collect feedback and use the report.

Lee also mentioned at the same time, the alpha – ness is version of the application there are still some matters needing attention.

Android users need to set up their application access WiFi network only, unless you have unlimited data flow of the package, they offered some temporary solution, the staff are dedicated to solving the “problem” of the battery and data traffic.

at the same time, the bouts in the desktop and mobile version of the application of transfer data and a few small problem: you can put your username from desktop to mobile, but no other way to transfer. All of the information can be in charge of all the equipment, but the message you sent but not in sync.

as before, in your hair of message and send pictures can only receive the users online.

bouts with some problems, mainly around the BitTorrent finally how to transfer the service from the useful resources to business. Will be profitable is always a lingering problems, these problems are mainly concentrated in the other BitTorrent new services. Such as Bundles (BitTorrent threshold has not been mentioned funds, but has said it will become a part of their products).

when it comes to bouts of monetization, BitTorrent, says there are several possibilities, including authorized the use of engine for bouts. But now we don’t rush to make money.

like Wickr Snapchat, Confide services, they are trying to provide more services, more personal bouts now faced with how to blend into wide application market globalization. When asked whether to deal with the other application when some killer, Bittorent said: “we are also considering”.

spokesman said, although we have not announced any any details about monetization engine, but it can be used in any communication application we are interested in.


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