On the reinforcement content and the ability to make money, sohu video next year is going to the big moves

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at the end of the year will come, but also for investment opportunities in the next year. Yesterday afternoon, in 2015, the marketing opportunities to share in the meeting, sohu video concentrated revealed a reserve the content and advertising marketing strategy focus. Core, bringing together a long video, the media, user UGC full video platform layout, gather video marketing model of user experience.

sohu video the marketing will be featured with “screen, resonance” theme, according to zhang explain, is to realize from the content production, broadcast platform, advertisers to participate in, the user attention and advertising platform integrated cycle, at the same time guarantee the unification of the client viewing experience. Content resource, which is the core of the video website, is a bridge grafting users, advertisers. Therefore, sohu video will be in the domestic film and television play, overseas (TV drama, Korean drama, variety and content of anime in areas such as extensive coverage and exclusive boutiques.

zhang disclosed that in the grand strategy, sohu video will take the technology as the forerunner, give users the best experience, content to buy precision, production into the mainstream status, looking forward to PGC, combining sogou products give more surprise. At the same time, acquisition this year 56 network will also be comprehensive.

products exclusive: all users cover

zhang stressed several times on the copyright content, sohu video for a long time with low costs and maximizing the return on investment. Fox video implements the operation strategy of high quality differentiation, of top quality precision exclusive possession, the largest proportion in terms of content diversity for top cover. Sohu video gathering advantage resources in TV drama, zong, anime, overseas variety each platform, such as in the first top edge. In the field of domestic drama, variety, such as the red sea, will also give play to the resource advantage of unique platform and gradually consolidated and occupy the user preferred position in various fields.

with the following browsing the sohu video has identified 2015 part of the fine content:

1, domestic dramas: “tiger mother cat daddy”, “seize the rainbow man”, “second hand”, etc., is expected to broadcast play up to 200 units, all the year round on the exclusive boutiques for super line precision of satellite TV coverage, yueyue drama the king. Sohu video will also create your own custom weeks theater, launch sohu video custom show. Have sole drama in han drama sohu video will wang han, including three “gods” Kim soo-hyun, my everything, hyun bin’s new play, and sohu video will exclusive launch a custom of south Korean television dramas.

2. show: “house of CARDS” in the third quarter, “the ice storm blood”, “proving dawn” and so on more than 20 exclusive TV drama.


, anime: “sea king” () “one piece”, “full-time hunter”, “the demon’s tail” diffuse exclusive outbreaks continue nearly 70 high-quality goods. Exclusive “pig man” and so on domestic animation and “the simpsons” and so on Europe and the United States and South Korea’s top cartoon content will be leading industries.

, : “good songs in China” in the second quarter, the top U.S. talk show the conan show, “actually”, “Saturday night live”, as well as South Korea and other top hottest TV variety shows.

homemade drama: word of mouth expansion tool

in successively success to build “the dream silk men”, “gourmet lady”, “when he was in a hurry” user-generated content, sohu video in 2014 opened the “self” of the first year of the industry. Charles zhang said sohu video will invest more resources in self-control, the network of homemade input and level up to equal height, with a line of TV making homemade in single set cost and output, the industry effects, par and even beyond the traditional TV.

in 2015, sohu video on user-generated content what are the specific part of the plan?

1, network homemade play: “when he was in a hurry 2” will be shown in the next year

2, comedy homemade mini series: sohu video will continue, “laugh” on Wednesday for mass production at the same time create phenomenal content brand, “the dream silk men”, “gourmet lady” and so on form ace comedy broadcast band.

3, the movie: extension based on “the dream silk man” big movie “pancake man” of the launch and creating super brands.

4, custom show: in terms of domestic drama and Korean dramas, directly with build step by step surprise, Peiping, no fighting and other top big show each line of production organization custom high-end professional production, atmospheric convergence sino-south Korean idol star, for sohu video platform to build high quality fine play, create a custom weeks theater, 200 sets.

advertising optimization: the whole platform

zhang disclosed that sohu video traffic over 3-4 times in the past year, advertising in more than 50% annual growth, growth rate reached 85% in the second quarter of this year, showing rapid growth. The TV industry, in contrast, the growth in advertising is only a few percent or teens. Nevertheless, he convective cloud network, said this year the sohu video slight gains in terms of pricing.

make considerations behind this decision is that sohu continues to optimize the whole platform of marketing experience. After the preliminary complete internal technology through sohu video in 2015 will play a full product, full screen, full platform, the whole environment, all the time the user coverage.

at the same time, sohu video will play the advantages of sohu matrix, more innovative interactive marketing.

in marketing, sohu video launch their new system, based on multiple platforms sohu cloud matrices big data accumulation and pooling, integrate data, platform, people, product and so on multi-dimensional into one.

data, fully excavating covering 200 million Internet users sohu matrix platform people every day big data covering the advantages, use of sohu platform mature large mass data processing ability, form “news reading, video watching, browser search, browse, text input”, such as more than the behavior of the terminal data aggregation;

products, labeled, crowd accurately targeted products, help advertisers caught and depth to the value of brand marketing of the core audience and opportunity; Launch “eye” on the system, intelligent delivery system, in real time based on cloud computing, the exchange system of intelligent video advertising resources allocation, form based on bidding, flow rate and frequency of the whole process of intelligent purchasing system, all-round meet the customization flow shop needs of advertisers.

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