“On demand” service platform, stagnant might die young

“on-demand” mode allows users to have a personal customized services and products, give the user a better experience. “On-demand service” as the model of the company have a good performance, but the company founders and investors gain is not only that, they get more is point to point between the user and the opportunity to communicate each other heart ().

on October 29, this should be the hundreds of thousands of commuters a very normal working days, but in addition to this matter: a with fluffy kitten appear on their desks. What is this case?

they have 15 minutes to embrace one of beverage cooled and tease the hairball, thanks to a man named Uber taxi company, it is this company in the country (National Day) Cat Cat section provide the special service.

“it is more than a week after the last # UberKITTENS activity, we almost haven’t recovered from has been sprouting of heart,” Uber earlier official wrote in an article that the “kitten” campaign has received 30000 applications, everyone to touch the kitten is very interested in such activities. “Everyone enthusing about small cats, all for the quota of people, our website is almost burst.”

“on-demand” mode is sought after by the general public service way, it can do anything, from hair styling to buy snow blowers, or is in the hot summer is a refreshing ice cream, and even beer and marijuana (legal) parts of the country, as long as there is need, when you picked up the phone. The application of “on-demand” or even the revitalization of some traditional industries, such as private doctors door-to-door service, the service start slowly draws back in the 1960 s. But along with the application of promotion and regain vitality. The application of some companies also provide some other services, such as wedding services, advertising and air organization cocktail carnival activities.

as long as the “delivery” button, this means that a group of people will be on the move, for such service in modern life style. As the chief executive of Uber Travis Kalanick said a kind of spirit: “give me the required, instantly available.”

just stopping here?

“on-demand” private doctors, beer distribution and hairstyle custom services, for the university of California, Berkeley, haas school of business research direction of professor John Morgan online competition, is not surprising. He will be the “on-demand” service content and early compared to eBay, they are in a virtual market to provide some special, interesting, and what people need. For example, the founder of eBay Omidyar wife candy boxes provided.

Morgan said: “since the ancient times people have lying around some useless things, but it’s not so, it’s just not a true market. EBay for them to a chance to live, make these seemingly garbage into something. And now this pattern is still a thriving business model.”

Morgan also mentioned that “on-demand” has many similarities to the services and applications.

“until recently the market, you can take these things into the big cash,” Morgan said. “Like a few small gifts and collectibles, if nobody wants, can foresee will disappear in the near future.”

Uber, the app itself is an example of a “on-demand”, just gently on smart phones can help people simply hit the car, the app in the past few years have been launch some activities. Of course, in addition to cats, Christmas tree, ice cream, barbecue, and the dog, there are some according to user requirements to provide the flu vaccine, valentine’s day roses, mariachi carnival air even advertising. In addition, you can private custom wedding, for the user to provide to the hamptons resort private helicopter service. In fact this is not surprising, Uber promises even sexy girl driver service was introduced in France, but the process is blocked, facing charges of sexism.

Uber spokeswoman Kristin Carvell referred to in the email: activities like UberKittens the idea behind it is to explore the ability of the “platform”, to provide a unique surprise and joy and satisfaction.

another Uber strange idea that is and all kinds of companies and organizations. When UberKittens activities, for example, provide little cats in the activities are from the animal shelter. However, their ultimate goal is to make these little cats have a proper adoption. Every 15 minutes someone spend $30 on UberKittens, these benefits all went to the animal shelter. At this year’s cat section on the same day, Uber says it has to the animal shelter raised more than $17000, and there are 21 little kitten adopted by success.

Uber “on-demand” commercials disclosing the planning of some companies, the company plans to extend the business from a taxi “field” to “logistics areas”, is not only the Fortune last year Tech Kalanick mentioned the possibility of a Brainstorm meeting and it is reported that the company has hired Google executives “on the same day delivery service”. Google response earlier this month.

although nestled close to the little cat has an irresistible charm. But this can’t last long. Morgan, said he thought the application must meet their needs, to ensure that the cats can normal life.

Morgan said: “if you take stupid and offensive way, with a kind of stupid behavior as the dodo. UberKitten is a very lovely activity, at least I think so.”

Door to door service is available in

Nabil Fanaian at the worst time has been attacked by influenza. He is on the way to the working meeting of the whole body chills, sick with fever. When he lived in Miami hotel Fanaian feel very weak, he had to cancel all his after meeting.

“I in the hotel, I was in a foreign city,” Fanaian says, “but I don’t need to wear good clothes and rushed out to stop a taxi to the hospital first aid.”

on the contrary, he took out your smartphone, point the Medicast application, and then find a doctor to heal from that application. Then the doctor arrived at the hotel in one hour, all kinds of medical equipment of the doctor’s black shoulder bag, and equipped with a stethoscope and blood pressure. After an injection, paid $199 in door to door service, after the second day early in the morning, Fanaian got out of bed when I feel like.

provide on-demand Medicast medical service is a new service into people’s homes and offices. In the future there will be more new service and expert.

the application of Shortcut is a link private hairstylist. In the past year, Irvin Slobodskaya has a pressing need a haircut. But he has such a problem: he let his busy work in normal hours of work have no time to slip out of the office. Slobodskaya think there must be a lot of people are like he faced with the same problem. So he thought out a route to riches, Shortcut, this app will all need legislation unkempt appearance of information all-weather barber sent to New York. A single service price is $75, if more than one customer need a haircut, there will be a certain preferential price. After placing orders, the barber will arrive at the appointed place in about 30 minutes and provide customers with a complete set of pruning scheme.

“Shortcut is people born under the requirements of the product,” said Slobodskaya. “Shortcut target groups are some time is very pressing almost no private time with normal groups.” And, more importantly, a private ordering hair style to the customer’s experience feeling much better than in a barbershop. Because “you’re invited to his home to serve.”

customer of Shortcut convenient and simple cooing, gently, all done, Slobodskaya said.

other kinds of “on-demand” application of truth is the same.

Bannerman this is last year’s a private security services as needed. Initially, its founder and chief executive, Johnny Chin has designed the app, for the price of $35 per hour to provide security services. But he said: “now focus has shifted to services for the user.” Now in a bar, office, personal activities, and even celebrities have begun to hire their own private bodyguard.

Chin said: “it is our corporate culture, satisfy all people want to immediately.”

Joe Waltman and Brian Hur is private veterinary services VetPronto co-founder, they can see and the trend of said earlier. Waltman and Hur in found three major customers with their problems after created VetPronto, these three questions is: open-ended wait in the waiting room, chaos of the pricing model and the problem of how to pets to the office. They are testing various solutions to solve these problems, such as video consulting services and online q&a. They decided to offer a kind of on-demand private service, convenient to customers of their pets. Priced at $129 each.

however, some analysts, such as Forrester and Gartner, their market size for the “on-demand” and its growth rate is not very clear, have a gossip is pointed out that the company of these services are swaying grew. However, VetPronto, Shortcut, Bannerman, Medicast and other “on-demand” said application companies have seen their enterprises are growing rapidly.

RRE Ventures enterprise venture capitalists Steve Schlafman circle already more than 70 “on-demand” startup. In April of this year, he wrote in an article in the blog: venture capitalists invested more than $1.75 billion in the company, he expects that number will increase further.

“we type Uber economy marks a fundamental shift, it marks the excavation and implementation of the local service.” nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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