On-demand pet DogVacay platform, won many famous vc

when you travel, business office, your “friend” unattended, will let you do things in the clouds. DogVacay offering low-cost, high-quality pet dog care DogVacay news report has been successfully raised $25 million.

DogVacay service is for pet dog owners from 3000 cities, 20000 pet dog caregivers, let them pick out one to care for their beloved baby, it is also called “reality” pet dog.

when you walk into the DogVacay office, you will be warmly welcomed by Maggie, of course, Minnie, Molly, Motley, Muffin, Ace, Autzen, Batman, Beemo, Boots, Bruiser, Chewy, Cricket, Cooper, Dragon, Ellie, Ezra, Flo, Gidget, Gilly, Gunner, Harvey, Jack, Juliet, Lola, satin, Riley, Rocky, Sadie, Sierra, Teddy, Willis, and Grandpa Bob. (hunting cloud network editor jun: these are the foster care in the dog’s name)

every day, DogVacay in Santa monica office will have 20 or 30 dogs in the running, but the company CEO Aaron Hirschhorn says it will not be chaos, “they will soon set up a hierarchy. We have a special person responsible for managing them, dogs can become orderly, acting is great!”

a few days ago, DogVacay company announced it had completed B round of $25 million in financing, by Omers Ventures and MERS by vc investment. Other investors include GSV Capital, Science Inc., First Round Capital, Benchmark, Capital, and DAG Ventures. The cumulative financing has amounted to $47 million.

was founded in 2012, DogVacay service known as the “dog reality”. And have similar housing rental market, DogVacay allow dog owners from 3000 cities, from the 20000 pet dogs in the caregiver selected caregivers for their babies. The idea comes from a very bad experience Hirschhorn, he had to send his two dogs to a kennel, “my pet dog lived there for ten days, kennels closing price of $1400. Three days after that, I am a dog has been hiding in me under the table, “he said,” it was a time for a dog to me is a very bad experience, and it is still very expensive!”

after found the business opportunity, Hirschhorn, and his wife started a pet dog for the night on Craigslist care services, the business is developing very fast, in 2011, has 100 customers, it is his wife’s full-time job. After two vc analysis for business prospects, saw potential entrepreneurs may Hirschhorn, in this way, DogVacay was born. Company has more than 1 million in October orders, in the next five months has doubled. DogVacay has a rival, the Seattle has the support of the vc support Rover.com, they develop business in thousands of cities, and has been successfully raised $25.9 million, investors including PetCo.

in any competition in the market, there are many potential obstacles. Reality, for example, in New York and San Francisco will fight with regulators for a long time. Hirschhorn said each partition of the laws and regulations are different, even a city street regulations are different, but the company’s pet dog caregivers each person can only take care of three dogs, so that they don’t need to have a professional license. DogVacay is very particular about management training their pet dog caregivers, they get an average of 4.96 in the website score star high score. Company has collected more than 100000 applications, but only received about 20000 copies. Company will be in front of the entry to interview the staff, training, and a background check.

but still there will be a sudden incident, recently had a DogVacay care dog eating the socks and underwear, blocked its internal organs need emergency surgery. Therefore, DogVacay is equipped with a professional team of 70 people, half of the total number of employees), 24 hours on standby, Hirshhorn said they bought high insurance for pet dog.

the company plans to use the new capital to expand the international market, their business now covers only the United States and Canada. When it comes to develop the market, Omers can provide great help, Omers director Damien Steel said: “our business worldwide, we are a worthy of the name” big “company, we are in a unique position to operate it, I really want to help them to open the door to the European market.” Omers in the past three years invested in 20 such as Hootsuite, Wattpad startups, including 15 companies successful operation, but the first American DogVacay is their investment company.

DogVacay also want to develop other pet dog related services, such as boarding, day care, walking the dog, pet grooming and training, etc. “Pet services market turnover in excess of $12 billion a year, and services are completely separated,” said the Hirshhorn. Because there is no storefront cost cost, DogVacay so DogVacay will develop very fast, and the price is very low, the high quality service thanks to DogVacay training for employees, he said.

Source: Forbes

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