Old the readme is a white shirt, and the team a few degrees collective despair

note: hunting cloud like PPG from star aura to rapidly falling, founded by the old man also stepped into the footsteps, gather together after a circle of lively old began to more reflection, product manager, contraction strategy assembled product, no longer blundering, look at the reflection of his latest summary.

oral: aged (vancl (Beijing) technology co., LTD. CEO)


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in 2011, when every guest the most lively, more than thirteen thousand people in the company, light the leadership of President level there SanSiShiWei, that is in crisis. Now, every guest is only less than 300 people, do the core team shirt is only seven, but business is running very smoothly. I wonder, at ordinary times before so many people are doing?

in retrospect, the company the more lively, burning money along the more people. Every guest once in order to achieve the purpose of the annual sales of 10 billion, backward need to expand the number of categories, how many SKU (stock), need how many people to take on this business. According to the principle of one tube of seven people, company has dozens of vice President, director of LiangSanBaiWei will be.

at that time, I also revel in the busy, put all the energy in how to manage the more than ten thousand people, but don’t know real management should be the value of the company.

in the height of the man, I began to faint feel wrong, but I don’t know where is wrong. First real point wake me up, let me thoroughly reflect every guest mode, is my good brother lei jun for many years. Lei jun and I were born in 1969, his 8 months younger than me. In the past 17 years, we work together, a lot of communication. Because of the peer relationship, we on the life and soul of feeling also has a lot of synchronization.

lei jun and I first met in 1998, he and I are 29 years old, I have just started review weekly, he just do the general manager of golden hill software. Two years later, lei jun invited me started joyo together; Sold to amazon joyo, lei jun to me I have started by the web and online investment and Suggestions.

2007 and lei jun are very important to me. Jinshan lei jun this year left, I began to prepare for every guest of startup. Lei jun to jinshan deep emotions, left for the business for many years, to give him the pain of it is self-evident that many of the comments that the real reason why the outside world. The pain let lei jun to the jedi rebirth and start again, but since then set out to be so beautiful, others did not think of.

from 2007 to 2010, lei jun brewing process of millet, in business and brought him a huge increase in one’s mind. Lei jun so want to through a lot of things, such as how to achieve a product brand, and adhere to the focus, acme, word of mouth. In the lei jun awakening time, but I lost in that dramatic growth and blundering expansion. Lei jun was carrying a bag filled with dozens of mobile phones, excitedly told me about the difference between these phones, I am not. When every guest collapse, I deeply discuss the future of every guest with him, and his experience painful process, I didn’t realize how deep his change.

in June 2013, I with lei jun in every guest to drink a wine, chat very unpleasant, talk about not approach. Call a spade a spade, lei jun said that this kind of blind expansion is the practice of last time, the future companies will like millet, guided by the demands of users, to brand with product. His words were a great stimulus to me, I think from the user’s growth to forecast growth of the business, in order to decorate the thinking of SKU is also established. I thought to myself, what do you do millet developed, JiDui I don’t have to.

this conversation with, I really to convince them to lei jun is in two months. On August 29, 2013, me to anger, looking for his visit every guest. I emptied the half floor, hang that all of the samples. When lei jun in hundreds of hanger and I passed by, I feel like shit, because this is my first time to see so many real products. I am frustrated to find that no one is take shots. Lei jun says, he feels not standing in a brand shop, but the department store market.

it makes me fall completely, after, lei jun and I had a long talk for seven or eight hours at a time, seven, eight times. Insufficient focus, lei jun says, “extreme a mundane guest is the cause of the problem.” He give me that offer “to gross margin, organization structure, KPI” three transformation direction. Lei jun ask me, you can first concentrate on just doing a basic product? Shirt, I think the most basic, also can embody the technical content, the shirt is the most basic in the white shirt.

I didn’t think to do a white shirt is difficult to the man has done 14 million shirts. But once you begin to focus on and take a hard look at problems came.

in 2007, the product I also participated in the discussion. After the second half of 2009, they say “old you don’t know to wear, let alone the opinion”. I really don’t understand, and I got a lot of traditional garment industry people, yourself to let go.

when I want to seriously do a white shirt, and I ask the professional, want to use what fabric, what version of the model, how to make, no one can say. Stylist says, a white shirt with nothing to do, why not design, pattern of design and color more? – now, they have all left that basic.

in the past year, three-quarters of the time I was not in Beijing. In order to do a good job in a white shirt, I began to densely arranged on a business trip, to meet suppliers, for the factory. When I see suppliers, I didn’t know the past how I made the mistake, they told me that they used to Beijing to visit me, but I was too “drag”, busy watching the PPT, don’t have time to see them. They can only deal with every guest grass-roots staff, in order to get orders, entertain them singing a bath.

these things could hear my hair stand on end. It is conceivable that every guest has been filled with many coincided with a man before. How to let these people get away as soon as possible? A malicious action to me, I no longer maintain that false prosperity, the headquarters from west bicyclic YongGui center upscale office moved to the far south rings as well, who can’t adjust to leave at any time.

most people feel quickly drop in moving and psychological impact. Before moving, that more than 5000 people, after the move, I thought to is good, more than one thousand people ended up to more than 300 people. When every guest to focus and extreme route, I found that those who need it can be so little. This process like peeling Onions, more peel more uncomfortable, the stripping the cruel, discovered before we make the strip much coincided with a matter and coincided with a person.

once every guest shirt department alone more than 200 people, now is responsible for the shirt has a team of only seven people, their main job is to design, version type, fabric, documentary, the shirt is, in fact, I’m product manager. We make sure the quality in xinjiang as a leading producer of long-staple cotton fabrics, next, we were left in the white shirt design problem of pain, no matter what to do, even if it is copied, can not copy the temperament of a big white shirt.

before and after the Spring Festival in 2014, the team’s collective despair, at one point I want to give up. I am supposed to south Vietnam will visit Japan shirt master JiGuoWu, before seeing him, happened to be our mood lowest. After down too much, I’m not very hopeful to make the trip. Because I’m depressed, everyone don’t want to talk on the plane. The hotel in Hanoi, I let the team of people go to the south mindset JiGuoWu, think on me in the past. At that time I already ready to fly back to Beijing.

team take this depression in the south, also experienced dramatically broke down, lost along the way such as drift from place to place. Then, this kind of lost mood suddenly enlightened the next day. JiGuoWu is a true ace. What did he do in Japan for more than 30 years shirt, service companies have 120 years of history. He told us a lot of the secrets of the design details. Add a half under the collar lining, for example, lets the neckline crisp; The sleeve choke out 6 fold, with joint arm; How to design the shirt different fillet to conform to the Europe and America or loose or cultivate one’s morality shirt style.

Japanese teacher on the production process of excellence let us admire and admit defeat. For example, we used to study why clothes to soak in the water will produce floating hair, all the people. Japanese teacher let us first look at the clothes when dyeing machine speed, if the speed too fast, can produce hairiness; Speed too slow, gloss is not enough. Teacher told us a callback, until the optimum result.

these seemingly simple question one by one, finally fundamental blundering are made in China. Before we have challenged products, partners took out a variety of quality inspection report to me, said manufacturing meet the national standard, European standard, Japanese standard, but conform to the standard and user experience are two different things. These things made me realise that I used to produce the garments are rubbish.

when I began to do that, then I say unequivocally, future successful international brands in China only luxury goods, consumer market will be occupied by a Chinese brand, uniqlo is bound to lose in China. Seven years later, uniqlo and Gap has march into in China. This is the greatest punishment to made in China.

do white shirts this year, I want to give up many times, almost all the people around you also have wavered. But as a leader, I’ll give up is finished. Luckily, running help me insist on down. Now I need to run more than 10 kilometers a day, running the release of dopamine great help on my mood, once you start running, you will find, or continue to run, or life die; Either sat sigh, or persist become so healthy.

and LeiJunZe mentally gave me a decisive support, in my future a puzzle, he battle righteousness before shareholders backed me, investment every guest again in the crisis. He said on the phone one evening and old even in the dream I think you can do it. Two more than forty years old, late at night to fall in love. That person also said that both of us feeling they can’t find the right words to describe.

lei jun says, getting the product to have a firm belief. Good products will grow up in word of mouth slowly accumulated, and then one day in an outbreak. Lei jun once asked me, you said that nokia phones their boss will use? The height of the man, I’m wearing a Prada and ermenegildo Zegna. Now, lei jun and I wear that T-shirt and jeans and spent the whole summer, think about feel incredible.

every guest temporarily no further financing plan, someone ask me when will the remanufacturing like “every object” hot spots. I said, I am good at marketing brand, but I don’t want to deliberately make what event, then a mundane process of accumulation of word of mouth.

I hope in the future, you want to buy a shirt or change garments according to the ultralight down jacket, can think of that, that’s enough. That uniqlo is a step towards success. I don’t want to go to, I gather together, have seen many of the traditional company, finally they are all gone.

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