“Old” entrepreneur Chen also anxiety, the new sing should cater to 90 more

sing launched the new version, flatter, and change the logo and VI logo. Few features introduced sing the new image of the mascot named “chameleon” sing. Internet companies with all the dogs and cats, chameleon pour without company to try. Chen said he had seen the beautiful beauty keep lizards after 90, a chameleon. Young people are more individual character, be fond of diverse. The chameleon, unique, self, have individual character, conform to sing the user group of tone.

Chen spoke at the meeting: sing the new in fact already planning, now this time online actually it’s a little bit late, but the change is in the majority. Although sing belongs to two years of the “old” products, the user group broke through the one hundred million mark, but oneself or anxiety.

the mobile Internet than the PC to the Internet, fast to not huanguo to god you this race track, winners to less. At the same time, the strength of the accumulation of old product is easy to become old. As 70 to feel after 90 after user behavior including puts forward views about product experience, product in to all five senses in the widening of concrete. So sing will make product manager team try younger, their product awareness and sing the young users in a channel.

when it comes to sing KTV, Chen told the media, the offline KTV is not a main business, sing is the mobile end product focus. Offline KTV is in preparation, at the end of the year there will be a large number of sing offline KTV, absolute can let a person, but not convenient revealed too much detail. Now the sing, on the center of gravity or mobile and major provincial satellite TV, television talk about good cooperation, sing the new video advertising “cannot say, sing” will soon be rolled out in television large area, including the subway advertising, focus media, etc. The brand is to play out, let more people know to sing.

Chen, in the future as long as the user like to sing, let he first thought of sing, if you want to sing in KTV, can also be offline sing KTV bright voice. The future is to make users can always think of life in singing scene sing, in them, and get through virtual items, reservation, integration experience, still have a lot of imagination. Offline KTV goal is used to make up for a lack of authenticity sing KTV online experience. Increase the number of users, active users participation is the key.

in addition to the above sing the new version released, Chen also answered his bubble problems about whether the Internet industry for the answer, Chen said, is, indeed, some of the bubble, angels and A wheel is more serious. Although money is easy to get, but also more fierce competition, good thing is you can compete with a spell in the market, competition makes good business success. Good and evil people mixed up, the downside is that industry before the bubble, the best entrepreneurs raise money in advance to prepare for winter.

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