Old and new CRM giant against: LinkedIn pronounced will replace Salesforce

hunting cloud network reported on November 11

now, the customers understand product information channel is more and more, for the enterprise to enterprise’s sales and marketing personnel, is bad. Before purchase, customers will take the initiative to understand the product information, rather than in the first time contact product sales representative. Therefore, with customers “funnel” model to follow up customer number is on the rise. Imagine that some customers browse your website and saw some products, but there is no order no contact you, and they are very suitable for these products, so if these men also can be your potential customers?

for sales and marketing personnel, with some of the original sales method is difficult to turn the potential customers into real customers, unless you have some very valuable and useful “information” – this is the meaning of LinkedIn.

it is the only one, has a large, comprehensive and accurate, the contact information of the company. Unfortunately, however, other relevant provider’s contact information, eighty percent of useless junk information, and they can’t guarantee on the premise of not breaking the CAC SPAM law to improve the information service. Nowadays, LinkedIn company leads the correct sales direction, at the same time, it is also the most outstanding in the sales lead. Through LinkedIn, you can improve their ability, better recommend your product to customer, rather than just sell products to him.

imagine such a scene: a LinkedIn JavaScript on your company’s website will be how? So, when registering the LinkedIn users when browsing your website, you will be able to know their identity in the sales of LinkedIn navigation. There are a large number of potential customers browse your website but did not fill out your form, in fact, for you, these are some new potential customers. But Markto and Salesfore system trace the information. If LinkedIn for you to provide more sales or marketing automation interface, you will be able to own screening, restructuring, filtering the visitors to your site visitors, then, to send their LinkedIn stand inside information about education, directional purchase LinkedIn ads or LinkedIn file in this paper.

if we can make more than the assumption of further forward, through the use of LinkedIn marketing and sales personnel, can achieve a new prospects – will not have access to their pages are also included in the potential customers. LinkedIn know what type of customer will be interested in your products, especially when you’re in the field of company had to Salesforce “funnel” provides the function of CRM. By understanding your leadership history (for example, success will be many people became their own customer). LinkedIn to visitors on your page or see your contact information, to help you determine your best sales prospects.

Salesforce.com launched a course, designed to reduce the distance of the company and customers. However, LinkedIn, says Salesforce.com is not its rival. LinkedIn recently acquired Bizo marketing platform, in a sign that LinkedIn’s focus on the enterprise to enterprise’s sales. A leaked the acquisition of files, detailed written on LinkedIn, the acquisition strategy. This strategy is built on its very valuable social graph, unique resources online state, etc. LinkedIn improvements on its navigation products, also suggests that the company is committed to sales team to put forward some constructive solutions

LinkedIn has opportunity is now reach any other retail suppliers. Even Maketo and Salesforce, they will never provide customers comprehensive, true information to the company. But LinkedIn can do it, because it has four unique resources, can make it like a duck to water in this respect (if it intends to do so).

first of all, LinkedIn to master a lot of valuable information about companies and individuals. At the start of CRM and marketing automation system is empty, you must communicate with the other company, to improve and update information. However, LinkedIn has a pre-populated database. That is why many of the sales team, can be achieved by team link tool, make its sales representatives to share the achievements of the network, which can determine the correct contact information, obtain leadership advice, to check the update of the important businesses and individuals. LinkedIn for its sales staff got more interest, because it is customized for their business a way forward lamp, provides one-click operation, so that they can enjoy the most personalized service.

it is also very popular with customers. As mentioned above, LinkedIn anonymous visitors to the site can be observed, help you to earn some extra income. It can also provide end-to-end sales and marketing analysis, flow from anonymous visitors to the site to the customer, this will be far more than you already recorded in the funnel, do the number of sales and marketing automation talent. The all-around insight, help to find out more about the information of talents, and according to the experience in LinkedIn for its ranking.

in addition, LinkedIn in thought leadership at the core, too.

in order to promote the education content, LinkedIn specially provided a social networking platform, its propaganda way is the organic type, the type of virus. This is better than today’s sales and marketing system receive an email with the bombing type more attractive. The powerful influence of LinkedIn, for example, has attracted a lot of like Richard branson, jack welsh, Bill Gates that successful people’s attention. The potential of this method is infinite, especially in a new development trend and theme, this method is more conducive to find new sales and marketing opportunities.

in the end, LinkedIn has a data-driven DNA and for intelligent products of the enterprise culture. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, a already know the importance of data science, so he hired a I know the best data scientific experts Deepak Agarwal. They know for redefining sales and marketing, the role of the science and technology is to be reckoned with. In fact, the company has established a complete set of leadership rating system, for the use of the internal sales team. It USES scientific data, LinkedIn network diagram, as well as many interesting company and personal data signal, to select the best prospects for LinkedIn recruitment solution. Although this system is according to the internal demand of LinkedIn, and the special custom, but the company’s brilliant future is in sight.

what can stop LinkedIn development?

have such assets, put $30 billion into the market is a very unwise move, is it? Actually it doesn’t have to be. Because of LinkedIn to make such a move, it must be faced with daunting challenges, including innovators will be facing the embarrassing situation. The company has come up with a cash cow for the public favorite of recruitment plan. But if you want to have a CRM that bigger share of the market, you must be very careful to do everything. When you have from various different sellers make a lot of money, expand market share will be very hard for you. LinkedIn is a very conservative company, so it’s almost the leadership will not risk to expand its concerns.

another problem is the problem of the company’s customers, for a company like LinkedIn, and is important to protect customer privacy. If access to space, to protect customer privacy this item will become more challenging. Sales and marketing staff hope to get more information on LinkedIn, also expect to use more powerful and effective way to induce these user feedback. But this approach is likely to violate our customers’ expectations. To enter the enterprise means a longer sales cycle, more support, less interest, and more communication and consulting firm partners, and to do deeper reports and analysis and face the great pressure.

although LinkedIn, hope we can work according to their experience, achieve seamless link, but the enterprise software was chaotic. It must carry on the interactive operation and application background, these applications including contract, order, web analytics, customer support and ticketing, routing, scope, GRM trigger, etc. Even LinkedIn master the workflow, and it can be integrated (also give a LinkedIn support partner and consultant), but for LinkedIn, from the hand of the Salesforce to take over the current sales and marketing process, and will these processes into product with LinkedIn characteristics, is still a long way to go.

for security reasons, although into the sales industry, occupy the market share of the risk is very big, it is still like now, everywhere is the current market opportunity, and it can no longer calm. I predict that as time goes by, LinkedIn will quickly to marketing and sales into each section automatically, rather than seeking aid Salesforce. That is to say, for LinkedIn such strong offensive, I am happy, like see the Salesforce against Siebel. Now, right place, right time all have, LinkedIn will inevitably can change the rules of the game of sales and marketing world.


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