Of Mark: 90 after the team work, I just want you to send “friends” easier

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mood is the most beautiful thing, which is the most complicated thing, in order to accurately express everyone’s mood, it is not enough to rely on text, voice, etc. People often complain that WeChat circle of friends, QQ space, weibo and other social networking platform release dynamic, simply send a paragraph of text, if the length less, the expression is not complete, more space, no one have the patience to see, want to find a suitable match figure, also need a lot of figure, looking for a figure, finally took a lot of work, also can’t find the right, the right pictures, discontent, lost on emotional expression.

the core of Internet social networking and offline social differences, is the Internet social not instant delivery. The speaker’s facial expression, tone and so on a variety of emotional elements, through the Internet, it is difficult to direct 3 d rendering , for claw machine gens, tweeting, circle of friends of what every day, it is more important than eating. So need not only text, the appropriate figure captions is also crucial.

‘Mark is to solve the user’s demands, a when users have any emotional appeal, can use of Mark’s rich, the image gallery to express, to deal with emotional needs. ‘Mark on the content of operation, seize the present hot Internet events, holidays, social events, back to the studio creative team, through the form of original comic, reserved users from the text of edition area at the same time.

sprout Wang Chunsong founder Mark is the third startup project, team members more consists of 90 s and 95 s. Products in the stores a week to be platform, such as millet, 360 products recommended, 20 days after received the recognition from the investment community, hit the shelves for millions of angel investment.

the current domestic competing goods mainly mood, cartoon APP, has: look me cartoons, soap, etc. , by contrast, embryonic Mark advantages are: 1. The content from the original current of figure; 2. The main social platform mood pictures (not just expression); 3. The same figure different users can edit text of reuse.

expression, comic APP and disorderly, expression, watch cartoons, users DIY cartoon/scene; These apps are generally based on the third-party platform was developed. Of Mark is also through the share to the third party platforms, but they want to pay attention to user needs, at the same time considering hand painting. Each project will be signed original hand painting show in the APP to the user, let hand painting from behind the scenes to participate in the stage show, help them realize the dream of “cartoon”.

Wang Chunsong tell hunting cloud network, the current of the Mark is still in the phase of functional, later will be according to the market feedback, perfect standing in the user Angle of the product form of Mark. From the current application of feedback of market, investment, the game has won the acceptance of users and investors. In the future, ‘Mark will try to do the Internet social emotional expression of immediacy and strengthen copyright protection work hand painting cartoon. Hope that future is a platform, by the user of the Mark to find oneself mood of figure, improve the efficiency of social emotions instant expression, at the same time free painter can be through of Mark to his original works to get publicity.

Company: Beijing jing fish technology co., LTD.

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