O2O weekly investment and financing, permeates gradually, gradually vigorous Internet finance

over the weekend, hunting cloud network compiled this week’s investment and financing information, take you glance Internet circles in recent investment event.

the domestic company

1, car ownership and won $4 million series A investment

overhead dots (http://www.yangchediandian.com/) was founded in 2014, is a car after market mobile O2O service platform, including businesses, the owner, washing the car, maintenance, all kinds of cars and docking services such as online experts questions. The company has received A $4 million round of investment, but did not disclose investment institutions.

2, Internet financial information services company snowball financial received $40 million C round

a snowball of finance and economics (http://www.snowballfinance.com/) is an Internet financial information services company, which owns investment “snowball” social products, services, China (ap) — stocks investors information portal “stocks”. Snowball and reflect the overall Chinese stocks market situation of finance and economics index of Chinese stocks. The company has received $40 million C round of financing, everybody group led to vote, morningside and capital.

3, Internet banking, financial services website fireball multi-million dollar A round

fireball net (http://www.huoqiu.cn/) is an Internet finance and wealth management services website, adhering to the “diversification”, selected from hundreds of thousands of creditor’s rights financing platform, for the user to generate daily claims pool combination, can buy and deal. The company has won millions of dollars to A round of funding, jointly by plain code, Ming potential capital investment.

4, home appliance housekeeper for China and the investment capital of nearly ten million yuan, the Pre – A round

home appliance butler (http://www.jdguanjia.com) was founded in 2013, is a company to provide users with home appliance service solution for mobile application platform, users can through it on their own home appliance unified management, access to maintenance, cleaning, installation, second-hand transactions, various services such as recycling disposal information. The company has obtained China capital of nearly ten million yuan A round of investment, the home appliance butler won A PreAngel angel investment one million yuan, etc.

5, block box for $37.19 million B round

block box (http://www.jimubox.com) was founded in 2013, is a in order to solve the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, the loan demand of Internet financial platform, provides P2P lending, WeChat personal financial assistant, etc. The company has received $37.19 million B round of investment, led by millet, suitable for capital, investment partners China, temasek’s auspicious peak, the intime capital, and investment and jade. After block box won A Yintai tens of millions of dollars A round of investment capital.

the foreign company

1, the virtual reality technology company AltspaceVR won $5.2 million in angel financing

AltspaceVR (http://altvr.com/) was founded in 2013, is a virtual reality technology company, the web page of 2 d image can be transformed into holographic experience, and can also play streaming media, play games, etc. The company has received $5.2 million seed financing, by Google Ventures, Western Technology Investment, Tencent, Maven Ventures Growth Labs, joint Investment, etc.

2 small, short-term loans service Kueski won $1.3 million in seed funding

Kueski (https://kueski.com/) was established in May 2009, is a small short-term loans service Mexico financial docking platform. The company has received $1.3 million seed financing, by CrunchFund, Core Ventures Group joint investment.

3, women apparel customization platform eShakti.com $14.5 million B round

eShakti.com (http://www.eshakti.com/) was founded in 2001, is an American female clothing customization platform, users from booking to deliver only 14 working days. The company has received $14.5 million B round, by IDG Ventures India, IvyCap Ventures, joint investment, etc.

4, P2P car rental companies FlightCar received $13.5 million B round

FlightCar (http://flightcar.com) was founded in 2012, was established in February 2012, is a P2P airport car rental services platform. The main mode is convenient people who travel by plane and parked his car at the airport to the owner of the leased vehicle to local tourism. The company has received $13.5 million B Round, from the First Round, Comcast Ventures, SoftBank Capital, General Catalyst Partners, GGV Capital, joint investment, and other institutions.

5, online appointment visits Lybrate received $1.2 million angel financing

Lybrate (http://www.lybrate.com/) was founded in 2013, is a start-up company provides online appointment service, patients can use PC and mobile client to make an appointment to the nearest doctor, the doctor also can be realized by line up better see a doctor. The company has received $1.2 million angel financing by Nexus Venture investment Partners.

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