Nut shell CEO techweb: 2014, smart watch real ice

note: hunting cloud wearable devices in 2014 blustery, despite the “seconds kill everything” products also did not appear, but the market is already a giant comes into play, startup flowers all around. In the midst of this, nut shell electron has been cultivated for a long time, CEO techweb made the following conclusion:


Apple Apple Watch release, Moto 360 listed, plus including fruit shell, samsung, LG electronics update iteration, 2014 intelligent watches are really starting to busy.

data from the consultancy also proves this point, according to UBS (UBS) according to a survey, 10% of consumers said they next year is likely to buy a smart watch. Ubs also believe that Apple will sell more than 24 million Watch Apple next year. 70% of consumers said they had common watch, but it is also likely to buy a smart watch. In addition to ubs, there are many research company gives more optimistic forecasts. Behind these data, I would like to introduce some of the smart watch market.

smart watches should be a new independent equipment

if make smart watches a smart phone accessories or replace, it basically do not have any meaning and value, accessories availability is not high, the competition very much, alternative smartphones both production cost and operation cost, is very high.

in fact, just like our fruit shell smart watches 2 generation — the nut smart round table, today’s smart watches are integrated with a lot of sensors that can detect a variety of health, sports, with voice control, the basic function such as notification center, and other smart devices interaction, such as smart home of intelligent control, fit a variety of intelligent devices, health movement monitoring management, payment function of the advanced features.

fruit shell smart round table, published in full by the end of October this year

so, by and large, it should be a node of the Internet, can use all kinds of technology to transmit data, so it must be an independent, new equipment, and is not dependent on smart phones, this is also our shells intelligent round table repeatedly stressed by the direction.

we have tests in the nut can be implanted in intelligent round table after the NFC as bus card, access control card, the next step in considering combine smart watches and car networking technology, as the car keys and car controller, can detect all kinds of information, testing the driver of car of all kinds of information, etc., broad imagination is infinite.

smart watch the shape of the importance of highlight

Moto appearances in 360 and our shells intelligent round table, also tell consumers, smart watches can do very beautiful, rather than a cookie-cutter mimic a few years ago an iPod nano.

we in the nut round table intelligent planning stage, had a massive survey, the results showed that the experience of smart watches must first have real watches, so. So we spend huge price make screen into a first Round, and chose as Round that achievement of the modelling of wrist watch, also use wire drawing process, 24 mm standard strap axis, the standard first layer leather strap, and so on, make it completely can be used as a traditional watch to experience and judgment.

although Apple Apple Watch is still as the iPhone accessories to locate, look not good-looking appearance, think differently, but Apple is spent many time to design. So in the next year, we will see more emphasizes the design of smart watches.

smart watches the innovation direction of

smart watches should be able to let the user install the application and upgrade their own operating system. Throughout most of the existing intelligent terminal products, they are called “smart”, because can upgrade the operating system, the user can install the application, so as to get the most out of hardware performance and potential, and by the way to provide functional expansion of software updates and upgrades. So we specifically for the nut intelligent round table for a circular screen app store – GEAK application market.

smart watches at the same time the research focuses on the existing mature technology or the innovative application of mature technologies, rather than a bet on it is not yet mature technology.


at present is suitable for smart watches NFC (close) wireless transmission technology, bluetooth 4.0 low power transmission technology, all sorts of small volume sensor technology, flexible display technology, low power consumption microprocessor chip technology, miniature antenna technology, all kinds of software implementation of human-computer interaction technology, etc., these are all smart watches can use direction.

due to the small smart watches, for the overall weight, the size of the various components, electromagnetic compatibility, huge power consumption and fever limits, can not pursue high level of integration, and moderate take the combination of core equipment and peripherals, achieve the balance of function and volume/power consumption. Similar to some needs enough volume, and wearing a position sensor, it was more suitable for smart watches accessories rather than hard integration, according to the requirements to wear.

create ecological system

in addition to create hardware products, as far as possible in terms of the software system, the development environment, makes the product ecosystem.

there are some manufacturers cooperate with scientific research institutions, realize remote medical functions through smart watches. With the help of a smart watch detector and GPS positioning, and 24 hours service center network; The latter is equipped with a series of equipment for monitoring, regularly sent to the software platform, the user’s information for the professional medical personnel to monitor user condition changes.

we shells electronic and software vendors cooperative development application, not just with a lot of intelligent equipment manufacturers, such as BroadLink bolian, yue Pod, magic beans routers, such as cooperation, we are hoping to build a complete circle of ecological system, this apple is doing, Moto is doing.

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