Novice: resolve campus recruitment “resume, little” problem

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beginning a new party founder Li Zhonghe meet my aim is to correct it: and they pull hook is different, don’t call us into the campus version of pull hook. If there is similar, it is that we all want to recruit can become simple and efficient.

new party is perpendicular to the campus, only do the campus recruitment. Key selling point is their unique “talent pool” in colleges and universities. Talent pool in every college students through the basic optimal post evaluation, before the interview, the enterprise can see every personality characteristics of college students, ability level, etc. During the interview sasihorfswe self-mockery eloquence is bad, during grinding do yourself before website Chinese talents evaluation only doing a “relatively objective evaluation of” service, try transformation because his friend’s advice, midway departure from the government personnel bureau. Up a risk everyone believe that the future will have the name of the “new party” as the role of campus recruitment service provider began to develop.

to be honest, we for campus recruiting resume situation exactly is a what state is not clear. Sasihorfswe do for enterprises in the campus recruitment, before he told hunting cloud network: there are two problems with present enterprise in campus recruitment market, too many resume, your resume too little. Resume is too much for big companies, is the concept of well-known big company, so relatively received resume will be a lot more to a post will have thousands of letters posted, so enterprise HR can’t do quick response and fast filter. So pull hook net “quick feedback” mode cannot be applied in the field of campus recruitment, can imagine, we see every day on the mobile end 1000 resumes, and constantly with finger click on the “in” or “do not conform to the”, this is how the abuse for campus recruitment of HR. For small companies, because of the influence of campus recruitment resume is relatively small, the overall quality of the corresponding also not too high. So it is hard to chew campus recruitment market. A bite to eat day is absolutely delusion.

so, novice what did the party in the campus market, make them willing to in this is kind of Dead Sea water blue ocean market continued to struggle? Sasihorfswe tell hunting cloud network, since the nature of the recruitment solution is to get the right people to find the right business, then solved: finding the right people, screening out the right person two problems, some pain points of campus recruitment will be a little bit better.

so in view of the first to find the right people, and by using the new party cooperation colleges and universities career guidance center, filtered them real enterprise recommend hiring information to the relevant professional colleges and departments, at the same time, the new party is pushing the butt joint and the recruitment of local enterprises and colleges and universities career guidance, make enterprise, head of the party in the school (that is not entirely university-enterprise preaching a), lets the student in the school to complete the “front” social practice.

sieve out the next step is the right person. After the enterprise information notice to the students at school, and the new party has invited more than peer companies have to do after the practice teaching courses in school, students interested in the CV at the same time to do a new party talents evaluation questions. Purpose to complete the “talent identification”.

the above process finished, the result is that your resume is less, but high consistent high quality and enterprise’s resume and enterprise HR in also need not resume the ocean in search for a needle in a haystack. Small companies also through lecture to let students understand to the company’s vitality and attraction. Extraction volume: sasihorfswe, new party for campus recruiting companies more effective resume, less garbage resume, indirect improve recruitment efficiency.

the new party team only 12 people, half of the people responsible for the technology. Team is currently located in the zhongguancun haidian park management committee and the haidian district government with the support of roaming century (Beijing) science and technology business incubators, and acquire the incubator investment millions of angel investment. Now they are also for the department of education information management information center offers undergraduate talents evaluation services. Running for so long, novice party currently new effective individual users of 3000 ~ 5000 people every day, but because the campus recruitment cyclical is extremely strong, only half a year is the peak season every year. So at this number and compared each year more than 700 graduates, there is a big gap.


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