Novice entrepreneurs must read eight books


with the progress of science and technology, founded the company is easier than ever before, but the entrepreneurial novices should go to absorb what knowledge and skills? From what books they should obtain the knowledge and skills?

in this golden age of science and technology entrepreneurship, Peter, Peter Thiel () may rest assured that his new book, “from ZERO TO ONE: How TO Build the Future of business notebook (ZERO TO ONE: Notes on startups, Or How TO Build the Future) will find a group of enthusiastic readers.

next month will be full of 47 thayer is PayPal (PayPal) co-founder, and data company co-founder Palantir. As is known to all, he is the first that Facebook outside investors, and runs a hedge Fund and the risk of his own investment company, Fund founder (raised Fund). According to Forbes good fortune analysts team estimates that as of September 12, 2014, the net worth of $2.2 billion.

in the long list of books, tal contribution of the book will become a would-be professionals in the business and the founder of the required thing in the world? Time will tell the answer. His meditation set will have to squeeze out some other good works. Here are some full of wisdom and a useful tool for business rookie books:

“Business Model Generation” ( Business Model Generation ) , author: Alexander ostwald (Alexander Osterwalder)

as one of the first few steps in the business game, do a business plan may be necessary. Through the elaboration of from 45 countries 470 business model workers collected ideas, the book let readers understand entrepreneurs and companies around the world using simple basic and advanced complex business model. This is a book worthy of reference books.

“the weakness of human nature” ( How to Win Friends and Influence People ) the author: Dale Carnegie (Dale Carnegie)

here we get old – recommend an old classic. “The weakness of human nature” was first published in 1936, is a self-help book — long before attention to books of this type. Why this book has importance? For entrepreneurs, understand other people’s communication skills, motivation and tendency is one of the most important. Whether negotiations with partners or motivate employees, interpersonal skills are essential. In addition, the title of excellent makes Carnegie benefit from it.

“the power of habit: why we live and work?” ( The Power of Habit: according to We Do What We Do in Life and Business ) The author: Charles Charles Duhigg (Charles Duhigg)

Charles duhigg is used to discuss the company, leaders, and personal habits of the book, all insight. By understanding human behavior patterns – as well as the human brain’s ability to form the model calibration or old, it teach entrepreneurs how to make a useful prediction.

“Lean Startup: The growth of new ventures thinking” ( The Lean Startup: How Today s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses ) The author: Eric rice (Eric Ries)

today, “lean startup” has become a popular term, but that is only because it for so many young company and founder of the first venture makes sense. The progress of science and technology has established enables companies to quickly and cheaply, and the number of customers in the Internet market billions. Lean mode cut down waste nature of business activity, and customers are reluctant to pay for everything.

“The Intelligent Investor” ( The Intelligent Investor ) The author: Benjamin Graham (Benjamin Graham)

Warren buffett (Warren Buffet) think that this is the most outstanding investment work. Since graham published the book in 1949, the market has changed, but since then, generation after generation of investment from the novice he will point to the ups and downs of anthropomorphic fable type style, won the introductory knowledge of the stock market. Graham, “Mr Market” – as a likable and confusing role – for anyone who want to know about the stock market trading game is still worth reading.

“telephone sales and trading skills” ( Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work) ) the author: Stephen schiff mann (Stephen Schiffman)

for those thinking have permanent access to the latest communication technology of the people, it seems likely that this book is a bit outdated, but whether you like it or not, as an entrepreneur, you must pick up the phone, persuade strangers to do something is greatly beneficial to you. Imagine such a skill of power — that is the purpose of this book.

Founder’s Dilemma ” ( The founders s was ) The author: Noam Wasserman (Noam Wasserman)

more information about the management enterprise human resources. Wasserman book focused on by preparing measures to ward off disaster. In a sense, it is in the field of entrepreneurship “minefield” draw a map. Ever wonder why to do business with friends will be very dangerous????? Why the interest in all aspects of entrepreneurial teams is a bad combination? Should be how to distribute rewards without conflict? This book can answer these questions.

“Jobs” ( Steve Jobs ) the author: Walter Isaacson (Walter Isaacson)

why aspiring entrepreneurs should read the Steve jobs biography? There are several reasons for, at least it tells the story of a creativity, struggle, success, and redemption of inspiring story. It is also a cautionary tale: from jobs and the disadvantages of dealing with friends and colleagues, business novice and inventors can absorb the valuable experiences and lessons. They will also be forced to think that two questions: what mean success? To achieve our vision of whether the price is too high (or even necessary)?


I never mean, light the book on entrepreneurship has everything, and also suggests that these books is absolutely not the best, there are too many good books, limited to space only eight have listed above.

source: Forbes proof Ding Yingxing Chen

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