Notability, foreign students favorite king “universal” notes applications

in the past few years, Notability has become a kind of application of the students like it very much, they want to use it to take notes in class of the record of the lecture recording at the same time. This app can be used in the device and the iPhone. From now on, the function of Notability all it intact to the desktop platform, to achieve full platform owned by the user. Now all the user anywhere can access their notes.

Notability by a man named Ginger Labs organization to create, in creating their first pursuit is by a man named soundAMP mobile applications to help people with hearing impairment and solve the problem. At the same time, with the help of the earbuds, it can help to expand the voice of the users around the world. But the company soon realized, can use the iPhone’s recording function can realize the function of other aspects.

they figured out how to synchronize to record the user’s talk audio with the notes of creativity, and Notability arises at the historic moment. It is not only a can save the application of text notes, Notability can also support a variety of input methods. Users can use the inside of the phone and tablet applications to add images and text, you can even through the embedded document and the page content directly to import into their notes. In addition, text and audio can be added to the timeline at the same time.

Notability support users in any designated location to create a bookmark. They can also click through notes jump straight to the corresponding audio. At the same time, notes can also be kept up to cloud storage, the user can access them directly across the equipment. These files can also be exported to other supported file formats, such as PDF, also can be used with other same Notability of users to share files, or automatically added to the user’s Dropbox folder.

the application flexibility and relatively low price point, help it received many different use cases. But according to the founder Fred Mitchell, so far the biggest use group is still in the field of education. Notability is seeking from grade one to the graduate students of all ages. Some teachers even through the app to give students homework, homework can be finished by the software upload sharing to Dropbox folder.

according to Mitchell, in addition to students, Notability also has a number of professionals are using this app, including some architects use application to mark their ICONS, some lawyers have replaced the traditional with it the legal pad.

now Notability was transplanted to the Mac App Store, it will be more useful. By using the up, the user will be able to seamlessly in all their apple devices sync and update their documents, it has brought great convenience to users. Just launched desktop applications, however, the price of $9.99, this price is Notability is usually compared to the $4.99 is a bit on the high side. (note: cloud network editor king hunting mobile version of this app is a sixty percent discount, $2.99)

with school season, Notability is currently ranked first in the apple app store. But this app support students in their laptop to use, so the Notability has a very large group of potential users, this group of users will very likely download the Notability of desktop applications.


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