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traditional tea market stable customers, large profits, but as in recent years, a number of restrictions enacted, serious product homogeneity, tea export price bottlenecks and other factors, the traditional tea market, sales and account for significantly lower than quantity, make the traditional tea market to inject new blood. Although tea electricity has quite a few people in the water, but the key battleground in the platform class B2C, price cheap, quality is uneven, and vertical kind tea electricity gust operating condition. Visible, for tea electricity, how to seize the young man is a key, not tea certain weaknesses, ready to make a young state within easy reach of the fashion brand of tea.

different from previous tea electricity, not tea first go to the young people’s taste buds on the packaging: choose pollution-free, green tea bags, outer with triangle, triangle transparent and rectangular two version box, equipped with advertising, fun for the user, according to, express the content of the reserve, member of the inner packing printing (WeChat, various social app, or a paragraph) qr code used for social networking, China grand tea lovers. ZuoYuFeng founder in addition, in the choice of raw materials, lead the team to visit wuyi mountain for many times, aimed at young group and selected custom quality, wuyi dahongpao rock tea and have the sweet entrance, taste mellow style.

tea consumption of Internet users in China has obvious age signal, at present the main tea consumer Internet users is the 70 s and 80 s, how to develop after 90, 00 after tea drinking habits, how to put the tea into the spice of life is fast rhythm to do this the prime problem of the electric business need to think about. At present in the tea industry, there is no any a market share of more than 5% of the brand, another important phenomenon is that the west lake longjing tea, oolong tea, puer tea these three kinds of tea dominates the online sales market share of 80%, tea sales homogeneity competition is relatively serious, and not necessarily tea will be subdivided market, open up the vertical class tea electricity for young people, raw material difference, tea brand, emphasizing the “interaction” and “fun”, through social, increase user stickiness, satisfy consumer needs. “Everything is user to define All is for user to show yourself.” ZuoYuFeng emphasis.

founder ZuoYuFeng, engaged in e-commerce industry for many years, a former director of Mr Tong yu group in the electronic commerce, the blessed – international business director, yongye group electronic Commerce Department manager. Co-founder hsu, electricity industry veteran, expertise: business operations and business management, creative promotion. In the future, ZuoYuFeng told hunting cloud network: “we continue to expand tea culture surrounding fashion category, and offline resources depth cooperation. Will develop the VIP club, deep communication and interaction with members.”

not tea now in the early stage, is seeking angel funding, to stabilize the supply chain and channels, and further promote the brand.

pay attention to experience a lot of people think that tea sales, image through the network and can’t tell good or bad, consumers are willing to buy “taste” of tea, the cloud network that hunting online tea sales does not provide function of traditional drinking, but the face after 00, after 90, the tea electricity obviously more suitable for taking fast pin line, the brand is vertical, the trend of The Times, obviously not tea has certain of this.

not tea
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