Not condemned millet, but too much of “similar” does not favorable to the development of industry

(text/Lin Zhang)

this month to open the world practices such as the wind to millet, blows away the fog haze pay day, in the industry slammed air purifier purify “effect is poor; Mesh replacement of trouble; “Three big stunt, pricing your pain points after a few days, to people in distress of millet in 9, dongfeng, finally released its first air purifier. By millet chain enterprise intelligence meters company the product research and development, the product sells for 899 yuan, the product specification is: double fan, wind power is strong, the purification capacity of 406 m3/h, bucket top three layer filter, purify PM2.5 can reach 99.99%, purifying formaldehyde 91%, mobile intelligent control, convenient to change filter net.

from the official rendering and the technical measures, the air purifier can be said to be the minimalist design, powerful functions. And its only 899 price more let users scream. Compared with other brands can run thousands of prices, millet did competing goods from one 5 to one 6 of the price, the price of this 899 is real bargain. For I am poor prick silk, the price is really have to thank millet fathers eight generation conscience discovery. I also believe such a butcher price, must be hand up sword fell and drawbacks. Really is the so-called: afraid of tencent do software, hardware of millet.

when I was just about to millet praises, but heard a different voice; A company from Japan, Bermuda company claims millet this air purifier copied his products. The Bermuda’s official statement said “millet technology release air purifier, the products from appearance, internal structure and the advertising copywriter were released earlier this year with the company AirEngine wind air purifier highly similar. And point out that millet was offered, but he refused. Millet air purifier is one of the team members before this male first worked for the company, and claim the Bermuda is working with the company law is millet do further confirm whether science and technology constitute infringement, to decide whether to take further legal measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Bermuda. “Millet has carried on the response:” according to its design is based on the home appliance industry is relatively mature appearance and structure design concept of inertia, no plagiarism; And also in terms of technology and function with completely different, and far beyond; For a public statement of Bermuda irresponsible and parts of the industry, professional comments deeply regret. “

but the incident who either/or, really cheap no moral integrity, everybody in the mind have a steelyard.

as a normal user, actually between products of the company who copied whom such behavior, we see good, need not too much attention to. But for companies, who copied who would not be so cool, must be specific. Because the consumer is our god, consumers decide your survival. So can make consumers favorite products is the basis of the company to exist and develop. And consumer choice behavior was established based on consumers’ product unique existence and the degree of differentiation of trade-offs. The product unique existence and degree of differentiation is what? He is what we usually say differentiation. Consumer choice of products based on product differentiation. So to make our products stand out from the crowd, let consumer choice, keep differentiation is very important. So differentiation how to set up? The establishment of the differentiation can be based on the design, can be based on function, can be based on experience and so on.

heated market competition has already been known by everyone, every industry is not the so-called blue ocean, every industry is the competition of the red sea; Each product has a fierce competition, there are followers of fast tracking. And with the progress of technology, the global supply chain of mature and increasingly concentrated, similar products between the follow up will be more and more fast, differentiation between products is more and more small, differentiation is becoming more and more difficult, in the absence of disruptive innovations appear, a product can lead the lead time will be more and more short. But in order to make our products can not too, in the similar competitive products in a wide range of want product stand out, get the favour of consumer, and must establish a stronger differentiation. that led to the differentiation in the contradiction between the technical progress and technical bottlenecks. to resolve this paradox, still need to based on differentiation innovation, but the generation of differentiation is not worthwhile, daydreaming, mouth say can do it; Need to make the sterling efforts, differentiation of invest a lot of money, scientific research strength, can be established. To this, if the presence of moral integrity enterprise to another enterprise research (differentiation) simply steal, can not pay the cost of governance, only pay a very low product components and assembly cost, so they use the low-price can obtain high interests. For the stolen enterprise, they pay a lot of intelligence on r&d costs, to recycle these mental costs, the price of the product is not possible the butcher level. In the competitive market, they must face a copycat to their price butcher’s knife. For any business, this is very unfair. So, respected research results, fair use related patent, this is not only the basic enterprise morality, also is the driving force to the healthy development of the industry.

but in this utility is extremely strong, inflation anxiety in the society, the reality often with expectations, some enterprises in order to pursue interests, and the basic moral forgotten in the corner. Its philosophy is winner princes loser kou, holding the bare feet are not afraid of the shoes. With stealing other people’s research results, and then the greatest talkers talk about innovation, such behavior is not only a moral failure on business ethics and personality, is the cancer of the development of industry, but such events are in some domestic, good design, patent don’t ask, don’t come undone. It is based on this, labeled the shanzhai bargain for us. More contempt is part of the enterprise is not ashamed to honour. Also thanks to book marketing. Such a morbid, in this era of increasingly attach importance to the copyright, these enterprises will evolve?

in my happy more and more we hear domestic innovation, subversion, lead and beyond; In my exclamation is finally by “smart” made in China “into” China, to remove fake hat, the ruthless reality let us fall back on the ground again. Heavy in my face, this is how ridiculous and pathetic!

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