North Korean foreign embassies have been people “net”, the embassy was off the network

recently, according to north Korean media reports, in the foreign embassies and international organizations if not approved by the government, will not be allowed to resume using satellite network connection and WiFi wireless network.

the policy change coming in mid-august confirmed earlier report, namely the citizens using the embassy unencrypted wireless network access uncensored network path.

foreign missions and aid agencies notice of the state ministry of foreign affairs on August 20, the communique released by the policy change, the full release NK News on Monday.

this paper points out that the Korean national radio management department, said: “unproven WiFi” surrounding environment has some influence on us.”

in early August, organized by north Korean defectors Seoul “north Korea intellectuals solidarity”, said Pyongyang citizens have been able to pass the embassy “powerful” access point connection. The group announced, the north Korean authorities have asked the embassy use password or reduced WiFi, but some of the embassy to ignore the request. Now it has been upgraded, part of the north Korean people willing to move in order to enter the signal coverage.

in view of this, then pointed out in a letter sent to foreign embassies: “we kindly inform you that the area’s regional wireless network is disabled.”

“the letter said that if the embassy and foreign organizations to continue to use the WiFi or satellite network connection, you must” consultation “with north Korea’s radio administration institution. “We would like to thank the embassy actively cooperate with for measures to protect the democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

it is understood that not complying with the policy of the embassy shall be put to the highest fines of 1.5 million won (about $11500) or confiscation of network communications equipment.

embassies and aid agencies are positive “to” their WiFi signal is not known, but there is no doubt this is a firm decision after consider. Foreign security need to be encrypted to prevent eavesdropping, so not available encrypted network signal is very rare. In general, unencrypted network signal does not do any business purpose.

north Korea’s network access points are restricted, for citizens, most of the site can browse. The university or in the company to provide Internet access points are monitored.

the north Korea telecom 3 g mobile operators in foreign tourists leave after north Korea began to close their prepaid SIM card, a few days after the country was released the report. Unlike north Korean citizens, foreign visitors can browse the Internet and make an international call.

although Korea telecom is closed to smuggling leaked to return to north Korean citizens-and loopholes Internet access points tourists phone card, but is this practice because it is not clear.


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