Noodle shop: can your plane photos DIY into 3 d image software


3 d everyone not unfamiliar, if you feel the beautiful the visual fatigue caused by cloud network hunting try this software self-time, photos, and then generate 3 d characters can also be worn into the “fitting room” all kinds of clothing, and so on. Its name is called a noodle shop, take the meaning of “facial sculpture museum”, is not the version in the eyes of pasta restaurant.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, at present the main method of 3 d face modeling are 1, the method based on image modeling, 2, based on single view modeling. Noodle is face modeling applications on mobile phone app, it is using the second method, based on single view modeling. Specific steps are as follows: 1, upload photos, noodle APP automatically face detection. 2, facial feature location. 3, 3 d face modeling.

use noodle APP can upload any characters are face photos, to generate the corresponding 3 d image. Generate 3 d image, can experience facial DIY, dress casually, POSE show, touch interaction, etc.

Introduction of


the fitting room: virtual locker room, can choose according to be fond of with oneself to like hair, glasses, clothing, shoes.

about-face: you can adjust the facial features, let own 3 d characters more humorous. Also can follow one’s inclinations spoof friends.

POSE show: here you can make the display of 3 d characters for different actions, at the same time, it can switch different background, make it become more vivid.

a touch can be no moral integrity, don’t stop the touch of the body, feel the “base of” ridicule from TA;

face is an important part of emotional expression and identification. Facial modeling application in the APP is given priority to with entertainment. Is facial animation and 3 d face modeling algorithm of face recognition based on 3 d face of basic work, is also a key link. With the development of technology, modeling will play a role in more and more fields, but also not only limited to the face, the body of the upload can be measured data, the one to one phone shape another oneself, also can be extended to the hot 3 d the fitting.

in March 2012, the annual celebration Tmall released in its new Logo on the scene, with the whole of the pavilion to try a new online shopping experience – virtual dressing. Virtual fitting using a called augmented reality (AR) technology, it can help the user to judge the selected clothes to wear on their suitability. Day cat follow-up for virtual fitting and without any special attention, we are online shopping is the same.

cloud network hunting noticed that part of the mall is also using the three dimensional the fitting function, a few days ago, the first commercial interactive experience joining together big screen debut of six hundred Shanghai xujiahui commercial circle. But this way, it is necessary to stand in front of the mirror is actually a screen special, to see the fitting effect, although also can buy to pay, but the cost is high, only a fitting at a time, greatly reduces the efficiency.

in the future, the businessman as long as the clothing made into noodle shop or similar APP file support, the user directly invoking the different businesses of all kinds of clothing in the noodle shop APP, convenient purchase, at the same time can also be more convenient to try on, the effect of the more intuitive to see yourself. Hunting cloud network will continue to focus on, stay tuned.


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