Nokia’s research and development based on the Android wearable devices: intelligent “kaleidoscope”

hunting cloud network reported November 4

technical staff said in an interview: a wearable technology revolution is coming. But now there is a very thorny problem, use the technique design of product, no one will like the “look”.

maybe you have already seen Google smart glasses, smart watches, headphones and even smart shoes. Now, more and more intelligent products into people’s life. Recently, nokia corp. and puts forward a new idea, design a new intelligent magnifying glass. Its designers believe that this is a let people cheer for the product.

the designers for the smart was named Loupe magnifier. The inspiration of the name, comes from the jeweler often used a powerful amplifier equipment. Loupe is close to eye type virtual display, it not only has the function of the intelligent Google glasses, or a portable mini magnifying glass.

the original nokia research center chief researcher, now at Yahoo Labs of Kent Lyons said in an interview: “we wanted to create a device, it has some advantages of Google smart glasses can distinguish with it. In addition, it can also strike a balance between production cost and user interests, “

the size of the Loupe is 3 cmx8cm, this is much more smaller than Google smart glasses. It is a applied only to master the information of equipment, rather than used to record the equipment at any time. Designers to design its purpose is: easy to use. If you can’t put it, like a hanging pendant on the necklace; Or you can’t literally of plug it in coat pockets. So, lose its own value.

to Loupe the project team, began work last year, they designed a variety of shapes. Finally, Nokia, published in 2004, called the Nokia Kaleidoscope of portable display appearance design inspiration to them. So, the appearance of the Loupe and it has a somewhat similar.

when the other company is trying to research the digital photo frame, Nokia Kaleidoscope portable mini display in front of the people. It weighed 75 grams, valued at $300. With it, people can even when walking in to see your photos. About the idea of a Loupe, although has not been implemented, has stimulated interest in Nokia research team. In another company involved in Loupe the researchers of the project David Nguyen said in an interview: “it is not implemented reason is: no and existing, in technology.”

Loupe is made up of different parts. Its micro display is epson Moverio BT – 100 intelligent display: an Android binocular head-up display screen. Its image effect and large screen image effect is no different. That is to say, you can see the image of your from 65 feet away, see 320 – inch image on the screen.

researchers used is a diameter of 13 mm, there are 20 x2 magnification of the strength of a magnifying glass. Loupe is part of the sensor on the existing model, including the accelerometer and gyroscope and magnetometer. Finally the sensor near the hole, infrared optical sensor is used to determine whether the equipment in the vicinity of the naked eye.

view, from the appearance of a small magnifying glass may not have a lot of input function, especially when the user wants to close your eyes can operation. Lyons, however, in an interview, said: “only you can control method, no we can’t do.”

“we designed around the model of capacitive touch points.” Lyons said in an interview, “and this tablet and mobile phones, as well as a contact on the surface of the users only need to touch can use Loupe. Touch the recognition ability is very strong, where you literally point, it can be identified.

you can by tilting device, or rotating mirror tube part of the control equipment, because of its internal have a lot of smart sensors. “It’s like you take the pen in hand turn” Lyons continued, “Loupe entity model can operate in different applications.” Rotating equipment can enlarge visual range, observed more things. In addition, its operation is very simple, through the rotating mirror tube section you can switch different tasks, browse different information.

user interface and the device itself is a kind of new design, but when you look carefully, you will find, in fact it looks very familiar. Because of its similar electronic devices and epson intelligent glasses. Loupe are running the Android operating system. The user wants to use Loupe see photos, web pages and calendar effect, just like a polaroid camera of the same effect. Will not influence see effect because of the distance. Loupe filing cabinets accessories distribution on the different applications, the pattern of distribution and number distribution on the clock face. At present, these applications include the Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other applications. And, of course, they are also solid model. The researchers believe that Loupe interface work is quite good.

Nguyen said in an interview: “we decided to focus on digital media, which is everyone’s favor ‘snaking’ means to promote it.” “You in the bank line up or sitting in the waiting room waiting to see a doctor, can use Loupe to browse the social information in real time. For example, you can see the Facebook news feed, or do you want to look at pictures, and so on.”

so, Loupe can as a kind of new products, and put into the market use probability have how old? Through the description of it, you must also is really looking forward to. However, in the actual development process, there is still a lot of obstacles. A jeweler as a magnifying glass with a Loupe is not perfect. Because it creates visibility icon is strange. However, is not can’t solve these problems. The operating system can solve these problems.

Lyons said in an interview: “from this wearable technology point of view, the design of the device is very reasonable. Because Google smart glasses would have used this technique, and the model of production stage, these problems can be solved. When asked, Loupe can put into production, the Lyons said: “as for this, I don’t know. I already don’t work in the Nokia. But, to be honest, I’m looking forward to.”

we worry that the biggest problem is: Loupe is a wearable device? It can take his place in the market? If the unwanted “magnifying glass” this wearable devices, it can also be regarded as a new breakthrough?

put the idea into reality is one of the obstacles: the cost of the wearable technology is too high. Although the price of spare parts has been dropped, but smart watches peace visual display prices are very high. If so, it is produced, the user is unable to stand, at most is to buy one.

Lyons in the interview, also said: “with the continuous development of technology, wearable technology will progress. Intelligent wearable things more and more, you can choose according to different occasions they want to wear.” Just like we are now, when the weather is sunny, wear t-shirts; On a rainy day, put on a waterproof jacket. So, if the cost of the wearable technology cost is not high, we can wear smart watches, or take a Loupe – style equipment to attend various occasions.

Loupe development also depends on the wearable technology is used in what respect, and now we know nothing about it also. But once the customer has some new ideas or new requirements for it, such as how to operate it, the new technology will be according to customer demand, as far as possible to determine the direction of product development.

“as an industry, we owe ourselves and our customers, we don’t have to try and find. Without a successful example for the customer to let them believe wearable technology is feasible.” Nguyen said in an interview, “I can say is, we still have yet to achieve a goal, but we are working hard for the realization of the goal. I hope Loupe guided us as the right direction.”


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