Nokia only “eat patent capital”, said the man was drunk

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with the national development and reform commission released to qualcomm antitrust penalty decision approaches. Qualcomm “licensing”, could face failure. And domestic has always relied on qualcomm this patent umbrella also may cease to exist. International patent giant nokia in the patent to be lifted on profits, plans to improve patent licensing fees. And domestic patent from the giant zte, huawei’s patent lawyers letter sounds to domestic manufacturers, although later huawei, zte has made a denial, but that is not also is a signal, a patent war is momentous upheaval.

all the discussion about the patent is hot recently, zhihu specially opened a roundtable discussion about patent, involved in all aspects of the patent. For patent research deeply and domestic intellectual property rights of China university of politics and law research center special researcher @ natasha lee Researchers also published many high quality article, patent status of domestic and giants made the rounds profound analysis contrast, let us to the situation of patent of a giant with an intuitive understanding, let benefit a lot. But researchers in the latest nokia’s “patent in line” a few years can “chew”?” Is part of the argument in the don’t agree with, don’t think there are certain rationality. Following, I try to think of some unreasonable place to make my personal interpretation, such as have a wrong understanding errors or views, still hope the researchers don’t blame.

a, nokia is just rely on patent do eat mountain empty

it is well known that nokia in September 2013 to sell equipment and services to Microsoft, nokia dropped the best-known of these mobile phone business. But retained a large number of patents associated with mobile phone, nokia’s patents have? According to researcher’s article “according to the state intellectual property office of the site’s statistics show that as of November 26, 2014, nokia’s patent retrieval amount to 12121 (article), announced the invention of the nokia 3955, nokia’s invention authorization number is 3647, nokia’s utility model for 33 pieces, the nokia design number is 1042.” Patent gold content from high to low in order is a patent for invention and utility model patents and patent of appearance design. Analysis to predict saying these patents are now contributing to nokia’s revenue each year about 500 million euros; In 2018, nokia get royalties will rise to 600 million euros every year. Nokia can rely on the patent for a living.

but there are two problems: one is whether nokia will depend on the patent for a living, the second is whether nokia only patent this business. The two answers are also.

about whether nokia rely on patent to make a living, nokia executives have more clear understanding. Nokia does not rely on patent to make a living, but more inclined to adopt technology licensing for a living. Nokia’s subsequent product research and development will be based on customer needs, and then developed the technology, prototype design, brand licensing to the customer. Its latest nokia N1 is the product of technology licensing.

on the question of whether nokia only patent business. Is a concern for nokia knows that nokia after sale of the equipment and services, is composed of three business units, the nokia network business unit, department HERE map and nokia “advanced technology”; And nokia known patent is affiliated to the nokia advanced technology of a secondary business departments. And about the three business revenue, according to the latest nokia in the third quarter financial results show that the nokia in the third quarter net sales of 3.324 billion euros, which nokia network business in the third quarter net sales of 2.9 billion euros, nokia maps Here business in the third quarter of 236 million euros; Nokia’s technology business net sales of 152 million euros. To see nokia network business unit is the nokia’s main business, it occupies about 90% of its revenue; And nokia patent departments namely nokia advanced technology division, nokia revenue of less than one over ten. It is not enough to hold up the survival of nokia.

integrated the above two points, the patent ready cash to survive, some people said nokia eat don’t agree with.

2, patent invalidation and slow

the researchers point out that because of nokia to enter the market earlier, and according to the patent protection period, the patent held by the nokia is at an annual rate of about 100 pieces of failure, fastest just 10 years, according to the patent of nokia mobile phones will be worthless, to become the market existing technology, access to patent licensing fees, latecomers can rest assured to enjoy these patents. Nokia at that time also have no capital to chew, rest, no.

the researchers conclude that it is based on the first mover advantage of leading enterprises is limited by time. Second, nokia CEO dispute resolution the said nokia does not directly do mobile phone, think that nokia in the mobile input certainly will reduce, innovation will be weakened, an application for a patent for a new authorization will slow. This will create favorable opportunities for junior companies such as domestic, in today’s domestic on the patent protection is becoming more and more attention, domestic curves can be realized. Researchers say it is true that, but I personally think that researchers made two mistakes in mind. Is a researcher in a static thinking; The second is taken for granted.

why is the author in static thinking too? About the patent expiry date, it is suitable for each vendor. Each vendor will experience such a failure, not nokia exclusive patent expiry date, and there will be no patent expiry date from other manufacturers. But nokia is not without selling equipment and services department to apply for a patent, after sale of the equipment and services will not apply for the relevant new patents. Nokia now is still in the development of relevant patents, obtain new patents. Nokia’s new patent can still can be to charge a mobile phone manufacturer. With the birth of new patents invalid patent formed a dynamic process.

and why the author into take it for granted? Nokia will shrink patent r&d input, make new patent acquisition speed slow? Now is not the case, nokia is now using technology licensing regression consumer market, the technology licensing needs the support of the patent, prompting nokia need new patents. Three of the two is in nokia’s current business, patent applications are not disadvantaged. In the nokia is the core of network business. Base station, communication do also have a large number of patent application of communication. And in the field of communication, the communication held by the telecom equipment maker patent is far more than the terminal equipment manufacturers; Second newborn patent application of nokia, nokia’s advanced technology department occupies the lion’s share of the new patent. Every year to meet the new patent about two-thirds. Nokia obviously wasn’t content to in the failure of the consumer market, still want to come back. Adopted by the current design, rapid prototyping and software licensing model, it will also make nokia will only pay more attention to in the patent investment, rather than decrease. So nokia patents will not apply for and obtain speed with the sale of mobile phone business is slowing.

, junior three corner beyond

to the author’s junior enterprise whether can seize the chance in time limit, beyond the implementation of corners. It to be honest I don’t know it. But realize this is not impossible, but this is beyond the beyond or quality beyond number? We don’t know.

reported: patent ownership realized leap-forward development in our country. In China from 2006 to 2013, the cumulative awarded inventions, utility models and designs three patent 5.957 million, average annual growth of 25.5%. Beginning in 2011, our country become the first big global patent applications. But at the same time, has the quality, but for the patent number is the foundation, quality is the key. Although can scare people in quantity, but quality is damage risk of weapons.

but from the perspective of the lawsuit of past related to nokia, nokia almost drawbacks in patent litigation, both HTC, samsung and apple, in the face of nokia, have to bend, to nokia pay licensing fees, this explains from flank, nokia’s patent quality is very high. And domestic can reach this quality, how to have high quality patent, this is a big challenge, is also an open question. Of course, I also hope that the domestic could elevate the quality of patents.

written in finally: to write this article, and lee, a researcher at a hard, just not to themselves but feel the malicious thoughts not speak it. No matter from the viewpoint of the retort is wrong, want to express. At the same time also thank you again for the patent researcher li give us knowledge popularization, hope lee researchers write more similar patent research articles. Let us on the patent has a more intuitive understanding.

this paper hunting cloud network contributing authors, science and technology industry watchers Lin Zhang from god. Views represent only personal, reprint please indicate the source .

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