Nokia: “new starting point” led energy-saving intelligent furniture start-up investment

with the development of Internet technology, the concept of smart home is becoming more and more popular. Nokia Growth Partners, a newly investment Digital Lumens are intelligent and energy-saving together, they provide intelligent LED lighting budget to help save 90%.

nokia was the global mobile phone market leader, with the iPhone smartphone revolution, coupled with the emergence of Android, nokia in the second quarter of 2011 by apple and samsung both transcendence, and low end mobile phone market, nokia can’t match his rivals in Asia. After a series of setbacks, nokia to sell most of the mobile phone business to Microsoft. With rich experience, Nokia Growth Partners become a risk for IT, and wireless marketing industry investment fund.

the Nokia Growth Partners invested to date, including network known as mobile gaming giant air of 50 emerging enterprises, the first is Digital Lumens, LED industry, intelligent building experts. Nokia Growth Partners, a $23 million investment will help the Digital Lumens expand their business around the world.

a few big investment Banks, including Goldman sachs, asters capital, was also involved in the Digital Lumens of this round of financing. As the Nobel Prize in physics was contribute to the LED of the three Japanese scientists, governments are committed to energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental protection product market demand, the timing of this round of financing intriguing. Research indicates that the LED light source than the traditional lighting system energy efficiency 30%, long-term use of cost was worth only one over ten of the traditional lighting system, LED industry prospects.

simple compared with the traditional LED manufacturers produce light source, Digital Lumens specifications and improve the grade of the whole game. Through the mobile communication hardware and software based control system, Digital Lumens redefined the energy-saving lighting system.

Digital Lumens new concept of lighting is similar to the smart home system, just as the Internet company of smart home system in the thermal system and fire alarm, Digital Lumens LED lighting system connected to the Internet of things, really realize the intelligent lighting.

in order to “smart everywhere” as a slogan, Digital Lumens in Boston in 2008. By using the original distributed lighting control module and a variable centralized management platform technology, they provide 35 countries of the enterprise for more than 10 million square meters of intelligent energy-saving lighting.

the CEO Tom Pincince is a serial entrepreneur, Brix Pincince established before the Internet services company Networks has been the world’s leading supplier of Internet EXFO acquisition. His earlier work, the New Oak Communications, is Canada famous nortel telecommunications suppliers to buy. With rich experience in the field of telecommunications, before Pincince with high salary for Digital Lumens hunting has been a top technology team.

when it comes to prospects, Pincince said: “no matter from the perspective of individual users or corporate users, the rise of the Internet of things undoubtedly provides a new field of vision, higher efficiency, more comfortable and safe, and artificial intelligence applications. We are committed to provide the most convenient enterprise specification intelligent lighting system. Our investors think that, like us rooted traditional industry and have close ties with the emerging Internet of things technology company is a large enterprise internal communication scheme is the best provider. With the aid of their investment, we can continue to develop new technology and expand our market.”

the Nokia Growth Partners in Digital Lumens before pay attention to the similar intelligent LED manufacturers, whether the fund will be interesting to invest in them.


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