Noble App: aiming at the elite, the main “burn after” social concepts

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as mobile era demand of continuous mining of segmentation of people, in the limited cell phone desktop battle, there have been new concept implant, social play constantly. As many social applications, there is no an app has solved the “elite” of social demand, because this kind of special crowd identity and domestic dimensions to clear class relations, creates the illusion of “no social elite”, the elite of social applications become a gap in the market. And the upcoming launch of a social applications, noble, is to rush the elite groups to demand point directly.

noble App is a burn after the elite social circle, can understand simple framework for group + social products. Noble flagship “burn after” is different from “burn after reading” the new concept, speak burn after the core idea is that by regularly during the process of social changes of names, metaphone after processing technology such as fuzzy group identity, is preserved for a long time for a chat. At present, the noble “burn after” new concepts have been applied for national patent.

noble core elite groups, VP of innovation company, the listed company, the director of the above, referring to more than 5 years working experience in professional ideal. Noble aims to domestic complex relationship dimension, elite groups to provide a free expression, the space of real communication. Founder Yu De has ten years experience of Internet media, noble is the third time he entrepreneurial experience, social applications development trends of the accused have their own original ideas, Yu De convective cloud network, “under the complex social relationship chain, subtraction social will become a development trend in the future.”

people are attributes of the media attribute, social attribute and tools. People take humanized product layout, is equipped with state of the system and anonymous system of two sets of user name anonymous state is executed in the group chat function, support after the regular changes of names, inflexion processing, makes elite breakthrough limit, to give vent to your inner voice, people support a key speech into text function at the same time, can realize voice transcoding in 0.3 seconds, the noble “honey” plate, also provide hot news and hot issues every day review, dig deeper into the value of new media. It is understood that the image and voice of social share in the next five years will reach 50%, and visual and speech communication is the most efficient way.

in addition, noble another main function is to online meetings, realize the online communication of an elite community. 22:00 every night at 21:00 here – there will be a hot topic discussion, elite groups can voice their opinions, at the same time with the host. Online meeting is equivalent to “micro letter” function, the circle in the noble to anonymous state measures, through a series of composite processing technology, break through interpersonal identity restriction, in this dimension, explore the valuable and practical information.

noble version 1.6 is due to officially launched next Monday, at the same time support iOS and Android download to use. Without any marketing start, people accumulate users reached 2000, 10% day activity, users of the new play was full of expectation. According to Yu De speak, “noble version 2.0 is on its way, the function is more humanized, anyhow it will make you feel very good.”

noble position of elite groups and both media properties, let people would be advantageous to the business model to explore. At present, people are in the phase of A round, after the financing, will focus on two aspects of product development and marketing, business model in the future, will be on the tall product service and docking, advertising, media platform is divided into several aspects of mining.

the success of a new product, is often in the absence of growth under the condition of market space, noble to elite as the breakthrough point, is a hard to chew bones, but people open up a piece of blue ocean is the true value, as to whether people can hit own piece of heaven and earth, let’s wait and see.


time: 2014


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