No soul! Microsoft has become a “talent output” perpetual motion machine

as of the end of last month, Twitter in a trendy studio received dozens of enthusiasm will become members of the company’s new “potential shares”. Meanwhile, Facebook in its office with delicious drinks and snacks “bribe” job seekers. In June, Google news, similar things have been more than 175 times.

this is in San Francisco? Of course not, this is in Seattle, Microsoft and Amazon’s world, but it will become the second home of silicon valley companies. Today, companies want to get the livable city resources are rich in Seattle and relatively cheap talents of science and technology.

Microsoft became “dig the corner professional

it’s been amazing, Facebook, Twitter and Google in Seattle offices are managed by Microsoft’s graduates. These graduates with the previous work experience as a valuable resource. Microsoft often face the opponents export talent. Now, if you still want it in such a competitive employment under the condition of the science and technology talent, it must be on a mobile device and cloud computing the boss’s identity to reposition themselves.

worked in Microsoft for 18 years to Facebook, now heads the offices based in Seattle Rohit wadden, said: “many of the top engineers from Microsoft ability is very strong. They have difficult computer science and technology knowledge and a lot of our work are directly linked.”

Facebook now has staff more than 400 in Seattle, you know, it is only two years ago, 125 employees, and this greatly growing faster than the growth rate of the employees of our company. Recently, in order to solve the problem of over-capacity, Facebook is rent of office buildings and add a layer, it is said that there is rent increases the trend of the third floor.

wadden is leading a team engaged in the development of the Facebook platform and intelligent terminal project, he said: “really have a lot of engineering applied talents in Seattle. Here everything is possible, because we can always find someone proficient. Work here too with a sense of accomplishment.”

Google two eps in Seattle center combined has more than 1400 employees, and its engineering project is by Microsoft, a senior engineer to Chew. Founded in January this year Twitter handle affairs center based in Seattle, under the former Microsoft manager recruit nearly 100 employees.

Hillel Cooperman in Microsoft executive positions before, he now and former colleague Jackson Fish Market established their own software company in Seattle and design consulting firm. He said: “the Seattle has a large pool of talent. Now that is more cheap to hire them here, do you have any reason not to come over again?”

recruitment firm Robert Half Technology, according to data in Seattle, software developer’s salary is $95000 a year, and requires $109000 in San Francisco. According to the bureau of labor statistics data, Washington state is in the first half of this year the computer related professional fifth fastest-growing state. The first four states in the order: Texas and Florida, north Carolina, and Oregon.

Brett Thompson Tableau in Seattle data visualization company responsible for human resource management and recruitment in the Softwar, he said: “in any market, find a large number of talents is a very difficult thing, but the competition is too fierce in San Francisco. Therefore, many of the San Francisco company came to Seattle. However, the talented person more seems to Seattle.”

Microsoft only “knock tooth belly pharynx”

as promote the scientific and technological personnel employment in the area of perpetual motion machine, Microsoft and Amazon from all over the world every year attracts tens of thousands of graduates and qualified programmers.

a large part of them then left the two companies, but not willing to abandon the Seattle cheap and lazy way of life. Usually, they will go to another enterprise from silicon valley, or find a like the median, Tableau and Zulily so that its own strength gradually “potential shares” of the development of the company.

search firm in Seattle, chairman of Jerry Taylor began from 1977 is responsible for arranging all kinds of professional candidates. He said: “Microsoft employees generally choose the last September departure in the summer, when they just get the bonus.”

this kind of phenomenon is more serious, this summer in July, Microsoft began to cease, and at the same time, 1352 candidates in the Seattle area, most of them are related to testing Windows software. Now, Microsoft has 1289 vacancies on LinkedIn, including half of all jobs related to cloud computing.

Albert Squiers is arg, Talent recruitment in the Seattle area technology manager. He claimed that Microsoft cuts the chain reaction is beginning to show in Seattle, because there are a bunch of job seekers from Microsoft to contact him. Taylor said Seattle has become an attractive place for these people.

if Microsoft would continue to people who master the mobile device to young competitors, this brain recession will harm the software giant itself unconsciously.

Scott Ruthfield formerly served as Microsoft and Amazon executives, now created a technology recruiting and consulting firm Rooster Park. He said: “I’m sure Microsoft takes the position that top talent has been shaken, there are a lot of emerging powers are writing their bright future.”

Microsoft executives declined to discuss the topic, but a company spokesman said the Seattle as an emerging technology center, the development of it is good for everybody. “The place of science and technology industry and the whole region economy is good, all the size of the company can also benefit from it.”

the quality of life in people’s idea of a component is getting heavier and heavier

compared to San Francisco, although it often rain in Seattle, due to its wide space and cheap rent, it is also preferred by many emerging science and technology talent.

Megan Slabinski responsible for Robert Half Technology company on the west coast of the recruitment, he said: “people love the Pacific northwest’s quality of life, like the outdoors, transportation and the cost of living. As long as had lived in the Pacific northwest, job seekers are generally not willing to move to San Francisco.”

Shravan Goli is tech job site, chairman of his previous work in Microsoft, now work in San Francisco. He kept complaining to let his old colleague to join him to San Francisco is just too much. The income tax for special people who make money, and Washington compared to 0, California’s income tax at 12.3%.

he said: “these two places living costs vary widely, the state tax is different also. When I first moved here will feel the pinch.”

one of the staff and even kayak across the lake union in Seattle to work in Tableau. Tableau, since listing last year now company has more than 40 billion of assets. In the past years, the total number of employees increased by 65%.

Goli complained: “now it is too difficult to hire someone. This would require the company looking for other talent market view can be more creative, course, another “Seattle”.”

Source: Ruters

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