Nintendo can no longer sit still, also want to tap into wearable devices!

a show in last week’s conference, nintendo President Satoru Iwata released its latest internal financial report, to take this opportunity, he also announced a nintendo game makers have developed a new product, a non-contact sensor of sleep.

although Iwata didn’t disclose the product design and product name, but he constantly stressed the upcoming “Sensor” Life Quality (Quality of Life Sensor) will work for users when they sleep. On a night in a whole, the device will be visual effects to record the body movements, breathing and heartbeat, and then to upload the data collected to heaven in the cloud server. And form a complete set of application will be based on these data to analyze the user’s sleep, and Suggestions are put forward according to the sleep problem, for the user to create better sleep.

Iwata said: “from an objective point of view, it is hard to use visual to distinguish between fatigue and sleep. But nintendo we believe that if we can visualize, it will be a potential infinite domain. Regardless of gender, age, language or culture, you can use this device.”

the presentation in heaven also explains why a similar product planning Wii Vitality Sensor failed to hit the market. Iwata, of course, emphasized the importance of healthy partner equipment, also said that when a user is no longer direct contact with the use of these devices when the effect will be better.

Vitality Sensor

Iwata also mentioned the Resmed would American medical equipment company is the project partners. The latest product S + Resmed would Sleep Sensor (with QOSSensor sound very similar) analysis and smartphone applications can perform non-contact Sleep synchronization function. (the product will go on sale this month for $149.99.) And nintendo is always think to complete this plan is the key to the hiring of the Japanese sleep experts and their understanding of visual effects.

in addition, Iwata also announced several good sales data. By the end of September, for example, Super Smash bros. for 3 ds sold 3.22 million sets; Earlier this month, after the redesign of the nintendo 3 ds sales to 234000 units in Japan (including normal size and XL size). It is worth noting that Iwata didn’t released the nintendo Wii U hardware and software sales data.

however, he focuses on the change of the nintendo eShop. Soon, consumers can purchase online game and directly download the game to support Spotpass 3 ds or the Wii U. With this change, consumers can download a home can play a good game. If the Super Smash bros. for the Wii U interested customers buying online before November 21 issue of the game, so they can download in advance. Starting next year, according to the Wii U and 3 ds game also have similar download function.

we know that the show in January, nintendo is interested in the wearable health monitoring. At the time, this statement sounds very bold but vague, because this is far more than the current popular Wii Fit product concept. Despite showing constant platform mentioned how the quality of life, but never Iwata hinted is developing similar equipment, also does not have to look forward to the nintendo sensor products available to the user a definite timetable.

on the contrary, he to the continuous development of the world’s smartphones to introduce a special ecological system, and this happens also to be the nintendo to avoid long into the ecosystem. Iwata said: “if we don’t use smart phones to help the sleep and fatigue state visualization, is really too bad. With the constant change view of entertainment, nintendo hopes to without being limited by traditional thinking, expanding the definition of such a platform.”

Source: Ars

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