Night chat: anonymous period social, I’ll do the whole society

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anonymous period social media attention, because two 11:11, black and white campus. 11:11 is a time limit for the campus anonymous social products. Black and white campus in time-sharing social concept of campus market, it gives the user the campus day and night two identities,, on both sides of human nature can be let out. The black and white campus.

so what is the new product night chat it? You can see he is timed social product, but its user base is more broad. Night belonged to the world of bad children, remove camouflage at 23:00-05:00 chat freely. Team tell hunting cloud network, whether it’s with a third party or log in with your login, system will reduce the user’s avatar night chat, nicknames such as personal information automatically hide, so chat is completely anonymous.

chat is to have a topic, so in the first interface, five or six topics labels to users choose night chat, emotion, privacy, connotation, shoot the breeze and so on is for subsequent matches users do personal reference. In addition to label, enter a at least four words “micro blog post box”. Easy to match with each other topic.

at the time of cloud network hunting experience night chat, matching a decree by destiny people say a mood “fall in love with a shouldn’t love of person”. So many sad people in night, so not hesitate to choose the right slide and sorrow that she he chat solution.

anonymity is a relatively safe state, so your more sincerely. But at the moment, the user is curiosity drive they choose to remain anonymous social cause.

the team aspect, night chat, founder and CEO jia-fu Chen has listed in several group chief operating officer. Have four entrepreneurial experience, co-founder Lin Zhehong night chat, head of the products, has many years experience in product operation. Technology partner Mr Meng, after is a well-known social APP, head of technology, there are 20 million users of equivalent technical experience. Team has won north valley angel round soft foundation, thick Germany innovation investment.

Sleeping on the night of

Company: sleeping on the night of Beijing science and technology co., LTD.

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