Next year, or will push used the Model S, tesla for $35000

as the society of atmospheric pollution is becoming more and more attention, tesla motors company production of pure electric vehicles more and more attention and favor, but the high price is prohibitive. Release of a new model, people look forward to lower prices. Reportedly, tesla has decided to make some changes, but not to cut the price, but the sale of second-hand car.

in the luxury car, second-hand car market has a lot of business opportunities. Tesla spread of former vice President Simon Sproule has confirmed that the company is developing plan, the business extends to second-hand tesla’s sales. (note: Simon Sproule on October 8, 2014 aston Martin poaching to become the director of marketing and communication, the appointment will take effect on November 1, 2014.)

the sale of second-hand car models is the Model S, tesla certificate issued by the company, can be said to be good and inexpensive, is a huge attraction for some consumers. BMW and mercedes-benz company’s predecessors in this field, but tesla’s join will no doubt bring greater benefits to consumers, at the same time is conducive to the development of tesla.

with BMW, mercedes-benz such conventional carmaker, tesla has its own sales channels, this will be in in the used-car market bring greater benefits. Elon Musk believes the Model S definitely a resale value, he announced in April 2013, in view of the customer to purchase the Model S, will take to the old in the new policy, in the use of three years later, if you just want to change a new one tesla, the company will buy back old car at 43% ~ 50% off the regular price.

the late next year, we will be able to buy the value of second-hand tesla (about us $35000). If tesla to old change new marketing strategy to be successful implementation, probably need to provide the current tesla owner than the upgrade version of the Model S attractions.

scrappage to replace gasoline vehicles with tesla’s consumer equally effective, after all the upgrade version of the Model S price is too high. Consumer can be at ease, returned to the factory of the Model S will conduct a comprehensive strict inspection, quality products will be put into market once again.


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