Next home products: product innovation iQIYI how to optimize the user experience


since April 2010 online, love in the use of four and a half years time in top three domestic online video, and the user to watch top of the key indicators such as long. Though not yet listed, but have been mergers and acquisitions for PPS, and $300 million capital injection for millet just last month, iQIYI influence continue to enlarge.

in friends opinion, iQIYI compared to other video website feel more rocks, there is a feeling of science and technology. Love in the claim that “please enjoy quality”, it really did it, we immediately appreciate the “love apartment 4”, “are you from the stars” and so on film and television play big heat, love in the homemade drama “soul ferry”, “science says” is also popular, sui generis. Rich performance buy copyrighted content with high quality, but good viewing experience behind is relying on the technology and product optimization ability. IQIYI product team through continuous technological upgrading, product innovation, to provide users with a clear, fluent, friendly interface attend experience. By product optimization is to provide a solid foundation, iQIYI can all layout, complete multi-platform universal coverage.

iQIYI team in product design process, how to grasp the user needs, create a good user experience? In the third phase of the NEXT product home cloud network hunting activities, love in the senior director of product Wang Xuepu to barrage, depending on the chain, green mirror, round the best reflected, the movie tickets online, and many other products, for instance, innovation on product design and user experience how to achieve the opposite and uniformity.

excellent video website what are the factors that affect

in Wang Xuepu view, including the following aspects: first, rich in content, updated quickly, want to see, to meet the user’s rigid demand. The second smooth, fast, even to meet the user’s basic experience. When it comes to the third further experience, to high quality, high resolution.

content ecology is very important, otherwise millet nor a $300 million stake in iQIYI. Wang Xuepu introduced this video industry ecosystem: the user through the discovery, broadcast, interactive these behaviors, the rest is their mission – operations, through advertising revenue to liquidate, analysis, and then decided to purchase content, content of the manufacturer to upload, production.

video website development trend

Wang Xuepu summed up as follows: 1. The technical innovation to promote the user experience, improve quickly. 2. User younger, dominant after 90. 3. Mobile explosion, and the service connection. More and more people use Pad, mobile phone, surrounding around the video, can provide services such as the ticket purchase. 4. Use of big data characteristics, intelligent and personalized content gradually.

iQIYI how

below, Wang Xuepu through several specific instances of product innovation design, to tell how “please enjoy quality”.

1. The barrage

this function originated in Japan, is active in A barrage of B stand more and more applied in the video playback. Love in the previously studied two years ago, because the environment is not appropriate, and run counter to the yue premium quality, so give up.

now restart the function. Through the open key, the user can select barrage mode, of course, can also be completely blocked. Initially, iQIYI carefully with a small amount of film and television works to do experiments, per capita sowing time has promoted, that according to channel according to the content gradually open more. “Science says” star barrage is introduced for the first time, increase and user interaction, the effect is also more than expected. Before, according to data from the barrage population has more than 7000, users exceeds 16 million. Total duration of super billions of minutes. Watch the video per person than seven. The barrage of immediacy, audit was need to intensify efforts, is now with the help of automation and artificial way.

2. Vote

Wang Xuepu take “science says” as an example, introduces the topic to discuss voting function, users can the current controversial topics showed his position, improve engagement, it is also an increase of user interaction. Similar to music list can also vote, vote is known as the web side, it is difficult to put an end to cheating, in the mobile client, can effectively prevent cheating. This contributes to the singer and even the music industry as a whole according to user feedback, to make more in line with user needs, thus forming a positive cycle.

3. Green mirror

according to introducing, open green mirror mode, can streamline the video time, again good contents. This will be the domestic drama artifact, avoid procrastination plot, over and over again. IQIYI close according to user’s viewing habits, for the majority of people like the content marked in orange area, to alert users to this fascinating, not to be missed. This also is helpful for content providers according to user feedback, to analyze the user preferences, why the skip, why don’t want to see, can improve production quality, also form a positive cycle.

4. Search the hit

overall fuzzy search is used to show the results, can be a time sequence of events, also show the star is recommended. The purpose is to ensure that the search results more close. The trend of video playback is mainly based on the user habit, do an analysis. Wang Xuepu also call a spade a spade and baidu cooperation relations, through the analysis of user’s gender, age, location, degree, and even sign, to make more accurate advertising, to satisfy advertisers high expectations at the same time, also does not conflict with “please enjoy quality”.

5. Service

the web client will find, as she watched the movie trailers, you will be prompted to buy tickets to the theatre. Similar to watch video game, will provide the related or similar games download entrance. Yes, you can feel it like a value-added services, and yes, more obvious electricity is “visual chain” the function, such as star with product in the video, love will in the next corner prompt the user, and then fly to video on the right side of the sidebar, minimize the impact on users to watch. If you are interested, PM will have to buy. Wang Xuepu said do this cost would be high, but the effect is good, is worth to do this.

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