Next home products: e generation drive how to increase product value through design

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filed e generation of driving, the industry a lot of people think of first is the 58 city a $20 million stake in recently, the product since October 2011, three years until now, its valuation of more than $250 million, covering more than 100 cities in China, and South Korea market, successfully repelled 58 generation of driving and driving, love V rivals such as driving, 91 generation drive, become the nation’s largest generation drive company.

why the company can run so fast? In addition to advanced service concept, capital power, as the core product – e generation drive App, in product design, needs to grasp and experience to improve the contribution value.

e generation driving team in product design process, how to grasp the user needs, create a good user experience? In the first phase of the next product home “activities, e generation drive’s director of product Liu Tianran project from the client, drivers, and South Korea and other different angles to share the team small run, rapid iterative forward valuable experience of the project, and expounds the product link in the value of design and user experience.

he said that e generation drive all of the design are around improving the user experience. “Tiny innovation add up is amazing, and I believe that good design and experience can bring more value to the product.”

client: concise, clear, direct

e generation drive provide 400 telephone App, micro letter and three generation of driving mode, focus on App part, here is the public to the user’s phone e generation. The building of this product is the basis of the products of the company system and growth, is also the most basic and the most important link. Because it carries for ordinary users to provide drivers to make an appointment, the individual account, the order query, prepaid phone, etc. The pros and cons of experience will directly result in the user’s subsequent retained.

Liu Tianran, according to the client of e generation of driving the design concept of the core is concise, clear and direct, and each version iteration always adheres to the tenet, which is closely related to the use of user behavior characteristics.

at present, the use of e generation driving mainly white-collar crowd, jinling, including a certain economic strength lay particular stress on social user groups, mostly in the dinner party, drinking and driving, convenient and timely call generation and most of the generation of driving is to drink in the evening before the demand, the demand for the brightness of the mobile terminal interface, simplicity degree is higher, therefore, Liu Tianran team made several optimization around this demand.

bright is convenient for the user in a drunken situation see information on the client, and presents the way to pursue concise characteristic, one eye saw that core information as much as possible. This in the latest 5. 0 version is more obvious.

users in the process of search near the driver, for example, introduces the radar service, let the user in the process of waiting for a few seconds, clearly know the product the back-end services, to enhance the mutual inductance. In the driver is introduced on the page, add the name, driving experience, evaluation information, convenient owner’s decision.

on the mode of payment, in order to avoid user drunk without the wallet embarrassing situation. E generation driving support pay treasure, PP wallet, such as payment, the payment will also introduce the micro letter. Interestingly, in the user top-up page, Liu Tianran team joined the 100 yuan, 300 yuan, 100 yuan and 1000 yuan of prepaid phone modular design, complicated operation that reduce the number of manual input. It also conforms to the above mentioned “direct” design concept.

so, not only for the user to generate the progress of the order have a clear understanding, also in the product design function of the “track order”. From the driver orders to put in place waiting to the end of the order again, the user can clear to see the information such as time used in each stage. In avoiding detours driver charge more at the same time, eliminate the user concerns.

the driver side: main dark background

this part of the user more for young and middle-aged, and must have been driving experience (e generation driving evaluation driver driving experience is 9.7 years), willing to endure hardship, in the work to make money, need to feed their families.

compared to the client, the driver the user demand for e generation of driving and the working way and there was a big difference, mainly displays in the evening work, avoid mobile phone waste electricity, etc. So the driver version of e generation of driving mainly adopts the dark background, the benefit is in the evening can reduce off color, avoid dazzle eye lead to attention problems, but also can reduce power consumption.

the driver of the another big characteristic is a graphical, in the square, rectangle, circular and other graphical elements between blocks, let generation master driving more recognition. The driver the user use is closely related, the biggest demand is in different pages when switching clearly see the core information, such as price, mileage, income, etc. Product team, therefore, make full use of the graphical features, such as income of very big, very eye-catching to render the digital; With the pie chart to current income and comparing the highest income, etc. At the same time, a more clear and easy to identify the font.

a light-colored UI design are more likely to wake up the way of life, modern, concise, accessible life concept, which is exactly what we want to express in design.

after the test and research for the user, however, things are not as a we want to. Reason is that the generation of drivers is much use at night, dark background will reduce off color, in the dark environment, there will not be a dazzling, let a person more calm, avoid its attention dispersion, safer than light-colored background, but also can reduce power consumption. Based on the fact that we choose dark background.

Korea: local habits

it is hard to think of, e drive already quietly into South Korea generation driving the market, open the internationalization road. Thanks to South Korea user habit, have much difference with the domestic e generation driving product side did not copy the domestic style, but for the localization design.

it is obvious, it is adopted the lively style card wow Iraq. Try to take care of and on the interaction operating habits of the locals.

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