“New technology” Intel PC is expected to realize wireless charging in the next year

News on September 6,

Intel’s PC client group, senior vice President and general manager Kirk Skaugen (Kirk Skaugen) consumer electronics show in Berlin on Friday (IFA), said by next year, the PC will support wireless charging function. When placed on a support wireless charging table or other surface, the laptop will be able to achieve direct charge.

kirk skaugen said that the next few years, wireless charging function will be spread in the PC, this is similar to today’s wireless communications. In addition, users can charge the battery for mobile devices and PC. He said: “this is a big change. The next few years, you will see thousands of charging stations. Intel hopes, wireless charging technology can develop from the wearable computing devices to mobile phones, tablets and PCS.”

Intel is currently in development for laptop wireless charging circuit system. PC makers like dell, lenovo, asus and panasonic is currently support the plan, and is expected to more manufacturers will support wireless charging function in the PC.

Intel support A4WP wireless charging standard at present, the ordinary surface such as magnetic resonance technology can table into a wireless charging stations. Intel’s current development of circuit can realize wireless charging of 20 to 50 watts. For large screen computer or game notebook, such power is not enough, but to cope with normal computer has more than enough.

A4WP currently has more than 100 members, one of the famous members including qualcomm and samsung.

now Intel plans to make the PC get rid of the bondage of all kinds of cables, and wireless charging is a part of it. Moreover, Intel has in some technology development, so that the keyboard, mouse, display and external hard drive will no longer need the attachment.

Intel will launch next year, for example, a docking station based on WiGig wireless technology, can be in the form of streaming media to transmit 4 k image hd display. WiGig than the current 802.11 n wireless data transmission, to 10 times faster than the latest 802.11 ac three times faster.

use WiGig docking stations means that the laptop is no longer needed HDMI and DisplayPort cable. The docking station will bring similar to external storage devices start data transmission speed. (d)

source: sina science and technology

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