New technology bunkers, people-oriented, according to the body to put mobile advertising

Internet advertising from PC to mobile terminal, degree of accuracy is higher and higher. Smart phone basically achieved according to the user’s location to advertise. And according to the science and technology news site Venturebeat reported, the latest mobile advertising technology, will support according to the posture of mobile phone users to advertise, this means that the user walks or lying to see advertisements may not be the same.

in tel aviv, Israel startups Sensiya is developing the technology. Said the company’s chief executive, Mr Vann (Noam Fine), they are developing mobile advertising development kit (SDK), to provide mobile advertising industry.

it is reported that the company’s technology, will be based on the smart phone gyroscope, motion sensors and other equipment, collection, analysis, user specific action at that time, and the results of the analysis in the form of development kit for the advertising industry.

in the future, advertisers, and retailers will be able to observe the specific gestures and movements, mobile phone users to expand more accurate marketing “people-oriented”.

for smartphone users, lying on a sofa, or in the process of walking, you will see different ads.

the executives levine said, if you can correct use of the data on the smart phone, the advertising industry will be able to achieve amazing marketing effect based on the data. In addition to body posture, the company’s development kit also can analyze the users favorite mobile applications, mobile phone typing habits, is female or male, and so on.

, according to Mr Vann on mobile phone users analysis of gender identification, the accuracy is as high as 90%.

it is said that in the light of this is based on the analysis of the cell phone information development kit, Sensiya company hopes to further close mobile advertising developers, advertisers, and the distance between the smartphone users.

levine told reporters: “we can know whether mobile phone users is in the home, have to wake up, is in the bed, which is a kind of body, through the integration of these data, advertisers will be to create a more personalized, more can attract the user attention and click on mobile ads.”

on smart phones, because the screen is too small, to the advertising industry has brought a crisis of display ads, but smart phones greatly improve the audience the information acquisition ability, can significantly improve the precision and effect of advertisement. Internet giant and the advertising industry, research and development of all are the latest mobile advertising technology, the end of September, Google also said it would launch a variety of mobile advertising in the near future new products. (dawn)

source: tencent technology

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