New taste: fresh electricity of reverse thinking, based on the recipe ingredients of choose and buy

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at present, the entire electrical dealer market of fresh style is varied. Such as cats, jingdong, shop no. 1 day, based on their electric business platform into fresh business; Such as wal-mart, rt-mart, yong hui traditional retail companies such as supermarkets, from offline fresh stores cut electricity; And traditional logistics enterprises, based on the cold chain logistics system to build fresh electricity, such as the motion; And new more vertical fresh electricity, such as youth, delicious cuisine king groups such as the development momentum is also very strong.

the author discovered that no matter what form of fresh electric company, the product of logic is to buy food home, based on the ingredients of the choose and buy recycled into the menu. While hunting cloud network recently a called “new” product, break through the conventional fresh electricity core thinking logic, based on the menu to the choose and buy the ingredients.

specific view, new taste (XinweiCook) is a young white-collar oriented western food production, food distribution site, can provide users with recipes, food package, such as ordering and booking service, to solve the problem of modern people early, middle and dinner food brand electrical contractor. New taste originally founded by founder Steve Ge back in 2013, in September 2013 began trial operation, constantly to collect user feedback during trial operation, improve the product core functions, and in April 2014. 2014 w angel investment.

team head hunting cloud network interview said that “new smell by the industry for more than 10 years of professional cooks delicious Chinese users against development, simple, nutrition, safety of recipes, and provide order in PC and mobile terminal, from food, seasonings, spices, and so on according to the menu to the user, user even without any food base can make delicious food at home.”

Fried duck breast with blueberry sauce

new flavour looks more like a recipe sites, but the kinds of western food is limited, but the common western food category, such as steak, pasta, fish, etc. New page design simple atmosphere, every dish has a separate page rendering, rendering the content includes the information of the dish (price, text introduction, need to use the equipment, cooking difficulty and time, and to provide the PDF download recipes), tips, pictures of all materials, and the details of the production process.

team leader said, “the use of the user process simple and convenient, first of all users in the site multichannel exquisite dishes of choose and buy a recipe; According to the user to choose a new flavor dishes, all the ingredients needed for the user, ready to cut, cleaning work, such as volume, packing, delivery to your door; The final user per step illustrated in simple production method, can make class restaurant food at home.”

the whole, is a new flavor provides menus and direct purchase of ingredients in food web site. Service based on the combination of the online services, online: home page of delicious food recipes photos to attract users to purchase desire, add appetite, cause shopping box, payment; Offline: new taste distribution precise ingredients for the user. Team leader convective cloud network, “the new flavor choice ingredients was originally a distribution to a 5 star international hotel, guarantee the freshness of the ingredients and safety issues, and express will choose to cooperate with the third party cold chain logistics, Shanghai inner ring 2 hours fastest delivery, rest one day in advance reservation can also ensure timely delivery.”

it’s not hard to find, and the new pattern of similar products, such as the young prince, warm food and so on, all have in common is the recipe combined with fresh electrical contractor, but their starting points there are still some difference. As young monarch play homely Chinese food, since the pattern, and warm food are main baked goods, everyone is walking differentiation competition itself. And compared with the traditional recipe is O2O, new flavor of the advantage of one-stop service mode and the use of user experience, new taste will core competitiveness on the online product development and operations.

at present, the new flavour has extended out of Shanghai, in Beijing, shenzhen, guangzhou and other big cities can day delivery. New taste, of course, also will encounter such as insufficient supply, market acceptance is uneven, the category of limitations, logistics and so on a series of complicated issues, but there is no denying that the new mode is worthy of user acceptance. In hunting cloud network point of view, new taste maximum value is another fresh electricity, from recipes, western food order of raw materials, to provide users with the convenience of western-style cooking dinner at home.

“in 2015, the new flavor will introduce heating ready-to-eat bags, to meet the needs of urbanite lunch, and further optimize the operating costs of all the profits to the feedback to the user. New taste will to provide convenient, delicious and nutritious food as a starting point, finally become city people diet solution flow entrance.” New taste team finally said


new flavorCompany: Shanghai fe trade co., LTD.

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