New growth: main “album” time, record the baby’s growth story

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people born in the 80 s, the main force of the first two years is to get married, they have many years of savings along to the restaurant and the photo studio, QQ space is a “universal wedding exhibition”; Today, they go through a number of the night fighting, the family became brigade, circle of friends all over the sky child full moon, a one full year of life, as well as the parents happy moments. So, what is the young parents’ real demand after 80, living?

“we this generation of parents need to be a truly belong to own mobile platform. Here can not only realize real-time communication, share, and ready to record the baby grow, more importantly, how to make the performance of the love between parents and children could be better than previous generations people more open and save.” New growth of CEO hong-tao li convective cloud network said.

subsoil niche, “new growth” mobile phone parenting App, mainly locate in let parents record growth story for children, parent-child family storage memory. The target audience is those who have the child’s mom and dad, this user group at present China has a size of 400 million.

“when the children grow up, their white-haired, the whole family sat together and use it to reminiscing about the past happy time, where to look at the time. When children grow up, they will never lost memory is a perpetual gift, these hands showed children, parents to witness your growth course, he can really understand the meaning of the parents, understand the meaning of family.”

the existing parenting on the market of mobile phone software, found that there are all sorts of deficiencies, such as the use is too complicated to operate, growth record function is too single, parenting knowledge is not enough authority, family, it is not convenient to communicate, so hong-tao li adhere to lead the team members in product design, technology development, making improvement solution concept, hope to retain users in a simple operation and single function.

in addition, new growth function more relevant to the user demand, they develop the function of “time album”, in addition to similar WeChat public accounts of scalability, allowing parents more relaxed management in different stages of the children to grow up. new growth time photo album will be classified, including pregnancy, birth day 1 time, for the first time, the family, laughing, crying, wacky show MOE, full moon, the age of 100 days, 1, 2, and so on album Settings.

“New growth”

iPhone application in June 2014, after six versions of iteration, the team at this stage focus in addition to the rapid upgrade product iteration, expand the scale of the user is the present stage, the team also hopes to find financing as soon as possible, speed up.

when it comes to the development of China’s parenting market vision, hong-tao li convective cloud network, said: “we want to let every child more healthy, happy, this is also our dream, we are willing to try very hard to work hard, to create more value for the kids and parents.”

new growthCompany: Beijing happy growth of science and technology co., LTD.

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