New gold, ali open maps

gold into ali UC mobile business group, unveiled a new strategy for the first time. Might as well take it like maps. Map is one of the weapons in combat game, indiscriminate attacks on all units within a certain distance. New Gao Dexin strategy, maps and mobile search, the integration of electricity, or similar.


since the advent of the Internet and other industries has become “traditional industry”. Interaction with the traditional industry has been the subject of Internet industry forever. Once dazed and confused, “we will bury you!” Later know, can only be buried part of the traditional industry, which part of the problem is when. And “mouse + cement” in succession, O2O, are in the Internet industry, said the “Internet thinking”, has become the pretend bility of traditional industry, from mobile phones, catering to adult supplies, or reflect the Internet penetration of traditional industry is more and more deep.

who dominated, integration, depends on the specific market. to a traditional business assets, the higher the experience, the more difficult it is to change by the Internet. More dependent on channel, is more easy to be changed, the Internet will all channels flat . More will create new business models, the traditional industry, in the long run the whole economic, social, will be based on the Internet, from producers centre transformation center for consumers.

you can understand, why the electricity from the book, but so far automobile electrical contractor or tinkering around the edges. And Scott’s map data industry, somewhere in between. Is not only the heavy assets, although there is no hundreds of acres of plants, data collection to put in huge manpower for a long time. Experience is also high, not in the royal park in the morning and evening peak plugging into shi, not enough to talk about life. The flip side, places all over the world, all for profit, bustling world, all for reward, the business in and from space, map users are natural movement, although the movement is not moving (Internet), business model innovation infinite imaginary space .

you can understand, is definitely competitive advantage, and with the meaning of UC, ali integration. As a domestic several possess class a qualification of surveying and mapping and map the listed companies, the data is the core of gold resources, familiar to consumers such as Google maps, tencent’s predecessor search map, map data are all from Scott and apple.

in the aspect of map data, Scott and four dimensional figure new keep duopoly pattern, to ali and tencent has been become a shareholder. Ucweb CEO in the new gold strategy conference “data ability” and “Internet ability” products were described as “upper” and “lower”.

according to this view, the current map market two major players, only gold is really healthy people. Baidu although product ability, but the new data acquisition depends on four dimensional figure, is like a paralysis, no data, a blind, missing product vision, can only be carrying a cross the river. They melody, vessel I associate with a yellow. At the same time, the company has a stake in four dimensional figure, new baidu map has be broken risk.

The importance of

data, is embodied in two aspects. Before the Internet, ERP developers are taught to remember the importance of original data, it is a good system, garbage data input, the output is only junk. Baidu map this professional “bust” vendors not garbage, of course, but still divided the organic connection between the data with the product. Just like han han will be life after the dialogue, “the world you have never visited to view of the world?”

a Boeing 747 chief designer Joe sutter’s early career, with the air force C – 97 cargo planes flying, test the engine. “Different military units operating aircraft way each are not identical… No one really follows Boeing manual… The field test makes me understand a truth, design engineers to ensure that their best way conforms to the real operation of the aircraft… “Geography of the underlying data collection is a coolie live, but it is not only a geographic data, also provides a field test, to show how real operation of the map.

second, geographic data has many dimensions, appears as the layer overlay, which change the faster the more valuable. The most commonly used real-time traffic map software, for example, through data and products. Legendary xizhimen road overpass near the most accurate, not traffic information released from relevant departments, but at the moment the driver is near xizhimen, gold has direct data acquisition ability, action is obviously faster than rely on third-party data baidu.

this is a deeper level, and the recent numerous industry from supply chain outsourcing “return” retail is the same logic, in order to cope with the change of market is more and more frequent. Said consultancy, the public on a tall tree, three, a set of Dr Negotiate more efficient division of labor, a hole and put a tree, a fill, indeed as expected efficiency, not the kui is a doctor. Second day Dr Put tree suddenly ill, the remaining two Dr A dig a pit, a fill. Jokes of coke, but because of the emergency, the map data update slow the broth, not funny at all.

map speakers

at a higher level, data industry is no longer a map data, using the Internet to the queen’s jargon, “imagine”. Natural mobile map users, but this is not moving, moving as the laptop is not the same as the mobile and tablet. Simply moved to the physical location, does not reflect the purpose of the mobile users, the associated economic activity. Some resigned to return home, some starry night examination hall. Learn which strong excavators? China’s shandong lanxiang!

gold after the POI data catering entertainment, has been seeking breakthrough. Now merged with ali UC mobile business group, UC bring traffic and entrance, ali bring electricity users and data, the underlying and ali cloud technology support, with the deepening of the integration, will release enormous energy and variables.

you can refer to Google street view, by the way, Google maps for data and the product is also do. Vision, street view is open to individual interface, can be in his house marked rental information on the street, then mediation can all be shi, isn’t it take? Some American software is open to private place to take a taxi, home also has a crowdsourcing express of entrepreneurial projects, private and temporary Courier on line is not so familiar with, to achieve the service standard, at least without a more detailed map.

map industry change is one aspect of overall economic change. The final change in the user level. relative industries after segmentation, scattered for the user’s attention and money. The first step in the transformation to the user center, is in this department, industry within the scope of the user center. But in the end, will be based on mobile Internet, realizing the community sharing and personal custom, break the segment of the industry, surrounding the individual and community integration.

before the Internet, supermarket chain, the original “big data” is found a similar case, the sales of beer is positively correlated and baby diapers, after investigation, the original has a lot of young father by his wife to buy baby supplies, piggyback on their favorite beer. this integration, as the ancient continental sea, relatively independent, great maritime era, people in different ecosystem exchanged between a large number of species, known as invasive species, the formation of the new global ecology, not simple addition of the local ecology. A cross-border integration, there is a cross-border struggle. A taxi station is eventually threaten survival was software.

in the mobile Internet era, everything is moving, all social, mobile and social. specific to Scott’s new strategy, its long-term vision, can be simplified to an equation, E (- commence)=S (social network), M2 (Mobile x Map).

BAT fundamentals

no matter fusion or struggle, it is not open around the BAT, the big three expansion and mergers and acquisitions, will be long enough, also launched a proxy war in some areas, such as former array drops and fast. Baidu compared to the other two, in addition to the size smaller, strategic place there are subtle, but may be important differences in the future.

the industry on the map, ali UC mobile business group of both product and data, baidu has countless according to product, and tencent powers, voted for the new four dimensional diagram. Based on the aforementioned map industry “balance”. Three different starting point, to a certain extent reflects its strategy and genetic differences.

ma pager before tencent company developed software, the earliest ali do Internet yellow pages, baidu will provide on-site search on the portal. The origin of the great things there is a small, business model and even less, “the Internet”, but the successful positioning and after have to undertake.

continuity, ali platform and tencent are doing today, ali more in building electricity and even the entire network infrastructure. Natural search engine is also a platform, but the state of the achievement, baidu inside, instead of the first customers, is to do traffic. And practitioners can be hard to imagine a new generation of users, the Chinese Internet early “PV is king”, today a lot of the old content sites, will be a short article is divided into many pages, is the legacy of the era.

the fundamental difference between platform and flow strategy is that the former is a winner-take-all, hold up a platform, is possession, almost all the traffic, the latter is many a mickle makes a muckle, and some simple addition of traffic sources, lack of depth integration.

li “intermediate page” concept is put forward. By a on the page is plural in the center. All roads lead to Rome, baidu wants to occupy as much as possible of the road. But can I also can to the enemy, and 360 search could find, ali’s what search more is expected to divert search main mobile Internet. This is baidu now concerns. And Rome is not around the past, and standing in one thousand.

, in turn, affects the big three’s m&a strategy. The industry described as: baidu, tencent, ali. Prospective and malicious reflects the two sides of the platform strategy: it must be focused, malicious is a lot. Literally good and steady, but in a rapidly changing Internet industry, is that no strategic, following the pioneer. The early bird catches the worm, the early worm eat bird. The industry friends, are you willing to get up early, or to get up early, or to get up early?

this clausewitz to explain what is strategic in “on war” : “if not used to see the war as a fight consists of a series of links to the chain, if thought occupy some place itself has some value… Will not consider: after this occupation will bring more bad… Only the final end can decided to gain and loss of every action.” For the false medicine advertisement is also a kind of “occupation”.

specific to the mapping industry, traffic, mainly from the upper part of the body “, it is the center of gravity of the baidu map, that is to say, the pursue is to map the flow of the business itself, in baidu platter of add a huge flow of natural resource. Baidu is also in the mobile terminal, or monkey points actually fruit, chop and change, simply transfer PC traffic to the mobile terminal, the map is moving closer to a larger pool.

new strategy and new gold, after is the consolidation map in ali platform for the super, map the synergies with other business sectors. The map of space to grow up far more than the business itself can squeeze flow. And should play a synergistic effect, must further the underlying data. Corresponding announced gold three years is not commercial, remove group-buying navigation, is giving up to extract traffic map itself, and the pursuit of greater benefit in the future. “” series of links into chains.

late on September 19, 2014, ali’s eight users in nyse bell, determines the gain and loss of the previous 15 years of struggle. But this is not the ultimate result. Gould’s gun was like a new adventure map start wars.

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