New flagship “life experience”, see “1212” for taobao how to play this year?

in 2014, taobao taobao and mobile phone consumers has always been a concern of live line with entertainment, strive to become a “life partner” of consumers. Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng in the mobile phone taobao strategy conference, according to mobile phone taobao daily has more than 80 million active users, consumers can easily enjoy the service more than 10000 kinds of life. Held on December 3rd – 1212 universal “mastering the consumption, life” on the opening ceremony of the festival, to highlight the “innovation and experience” taobao 1212 universal festival will have what new action again?

emphasis on “innovation”, the pursuit of “new life experience”

in the upcoming 1212 universal festival on taobao, taobao taobao and mobile phone will launch a series of experience goods and services, from many aspects, such as line and live with direct consumer heart life, bring you unexpected new consumption life experience. At present, on taobao, the consumer can easily enjoy the service more than 10000 kinds of life. A key such as second-hand idle goods online seat selection, air ticket, buy the ticket and resell the hotel reservation at any time and achieve LingMiao check-out, etc., can also find nanny, find someone to help you anytime and anywhere running errands, and quick to deal with Hong Kong and Macao pass, fill do a driver’s license, the lost claim and so on.

at the same time, consumers are completely don’t have to worry about because the mobile phone configuration and affect the consumer life experience. Ali technical director, according to south day wireless phone taobao not only can fast iphones 6, AndroidL new models such as mobile phones, new system also supports more than 200 low with Android machine for application.

under all of the major models, consumers to open the phone taobao user can realize “seconds”. Consumers from the home page to load, search, shopping cart, order, payment, the fastest 9 seconds can be completed. In order to let the consumer experience is more safe and quick convenient, mobile phones, taobao is configured with more than 200 real machine, the adaptation of laboratory through script to run automated tests to simulate a user’s click, using statistical a version in different models, running on different operating systems, and according to the simulation results for improvement.

in addition, during the period of 1212, a variety of interactive games, take a new play will also launch, let the consumer get more unusual life experiences.

provides one-stop solution of life

in the face of many baby, consumers will not start? It is understood that taobao 1212, will change the original items “shelf type” search, but by groups of people according to different requirements, divided into nearly 200 shopping scene, makes every effort to provide one-stop solution for life.

according to the category of train of thought and the traditional market, taobao 1212 shopping scene type starting from the personalized needs of different groups, to classify the tens of millions of goods, services, covering the taobao various needs of people, and effectively reduces the users around the path. This means that the consumers can only with a vague idea, or even just a feeling, can find the commodity and the service life and a station buy neat.

in the past, many people don’t know, originally the xinjiang ili also produce high quality rice, tianjin has better than pears ShaWo radish. During the period of double 12 this year, characteristic agricultural products will be like this with the aid of network across the region came to the front of taobao users throughout the country.

from December 1, eight hundred shops on taobao, hundreds of millions of features more than 4000 kinds of goods and services will be provided to two weeks in a row, consumers can obtain new experience every day.

taobao President Zhang Jianfeng scene, said the world’s largest mobile electric business platform, taobao, taobao and mobile phone in the continuous improvement of product discovery mechanisms, let the consumer more accurate find need goods; At the same time, taobao will be continuous efforts for the realization of the diversity of goods and services.

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