New apple bug: the photos and configure leaked in advance

apple will be held in Beijing on October 17 at launch, it is generally believed will release a new generation of the device. According to the science and technology news site CNET reports, before the conference, apple make a accurate – leakage in the official website of the two new photos of the tablet, respectively is iPadAir 2 and the Mini 3. For apple products classified as “life”, this goal is rare.

it is reported that apple’s iBooks in iTunes store shelves of a document is the official iOS8 operating system user guide disclosed in these photos. By the foreign media reports, the photo has not been removed.

in the surface, there are two new photos of the tablet, the tablet user interface and the hardware configuration and control functions are explained in words.

among them, the flagship iPadAir2 implanted in fingerprint identification chip has been widely. This tablet will also increase the pictures of the ultra fast “BurstMode” mode.

in addition to the above new features, apple’s two flat compared to previous products look similar.

is known to all, in the big apple mobile phone, under the impact of its own tablet market, also is being affected. CNET reviews pointed out that apple clearly hopes the through two tablet upgrade, can stimulate the sales.

the global tablet market, apple is still the lead. But now the and apple first launched the difference is not huge. Is known to all, many iPhone users will change every year or two a cell phone, but in the hands of the device can use a longer period of time, the nature will also affect the sales growth.

in the 16th conference, in addition to the two pictures have leaked tablet, apple could release the new MacBook laptop, and desktop operating system OSXYosemite part of details.

in autumn conference on September 9, apple has released two new iPhone, apple watches, as well as pay “apple”. Pay apple is expected to officially opening in the United States in October 18.

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