Netflix head to knock the TV service, 2030 die!

cloud network hunting note: after the outbreak of video web site, “television destruction theory” has become a lot of people to talk about with rhetoric, Netflix CEO reed Hastings is a strong supporter of this talk, he recently and gives a clear timetable, “traditional radio and television services will die in 2030”. Obviously, HBO, Showtime and CBS radio and TV service providers are reluctant to give in easily. The following article for tencent technology.

on November 29, Netflix CEO reed Hastings (Redd Hastings) recently in Mexico City, Mexico City), referred to a speech traditional radio and television services will die in 2030.

Hastings in the speech about Netflix, the rise of Latin America TV will become popular streaming video service and a victim. He said: “radio and television can only continue into 2030.”

Hastings will also be broadcast television service compared to the horse, he said: “like a horse, radio and television service in the car before, it is rather easy to use.”

prior to that, Hastings has published “perish” television. In April 2013, for example, he was on the company website published an article on page 11, according to network TV will fully replace radio and television in coming decades.

a year and a half later, HBO, Showtime and CBS radio and television operators have launched their own mobile applications. In addition, the satellite TV provider Network also in preparation for the Network set-top box pay-tv services, plan bundles of Disney’s ESPN and the cable TV channel A& E, etc.

advertisements on radio and television services revenue has a dilemma. In the past 10 years, only in 2011 and 2012, advertising revenue continues to grow. Industry is generally believed that in the next two years, advertisers will put more budget into the digital platform, rather than TV.

although Hastings did not say what data to let him think TV will die out in 2030, but the view is not he a man. Cisco 2011 have investigated 50 TV expert, also believe that television viewing traditional way is to die in 2030.

source: tencent technology

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