Net of the qin dynasty end of bad luck? Submit the results of the survey denied to fraud

after many times after twists and turns, net of the qin dynasty last night finally submit documents as of December 31, 2013 annual report Form 20 F, at the same time submit the independent special committee survey, denied the existence of muddy water refers to frauds. As a result, the network of the qin dynasty opened last night rose more than 20%.

net qin said in a statement, the Form 20 F file contains after more than a third party audit institutions audit company financial data, and with the company previously disclosed without audit data.

at the end of last year in muddy water, after short net qin because financial investigation of the company submitted should be postponed in April this year submitted to the SEC’s 2013 annual report file, add in early July, the qin audit committee chairman diet to personal reasons out of the board of directors of the company, as well as the replacement of certified public accountants, and chief financial officer of KB Teo after leaving office, network qin’s shares were also affected.

as the annual report date approached, qin’s share price and continues to rebound, especially in the last month, and began to enlarge volume, the daily turnover of more than 10 million, in the same period are traded on common only for hundreds of thousands of other.

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