Net brand “counter attack,” qin release personnel welfare big moves

this two weeks, about the content of network fu-li qin and images in WeChat circle of friends, weibo etc widely spread in social networks, a wave of web search qin small high tide, the company brand awareness detonated in an instant.

associated with the network last week, qin gang, just submit a long-delayed annual report file and independent special committee survey, net of the qin dynasty launched before, during, and after this time node “brand repair”, point, hold the right time.

it is well known that since late last year was muddy water short net qin although has made a series of counter behavior is not completely prevent the spread of the negative effects. Annual report delay, diet out of the board of directors of the company, chairman of the audit committee, the replacement of certified public accountants, and chief financial officer of KB Teo, net qin’s shares were also affected. Though to shatter the muddy waters of shorting plot, but in the most years of time, qin internal are scrupulous, fear of being outside the affidavit. Therefore, the net brand image of the qin dynasty also in surprise.

with the survey results, the third party auditing firms that qin there is no fraud, internal and external people concern about the outlook for the company began to melt completely, brand image restoration is particularly important.

net qin’s first move was on the talent preferential policies, provide Beijing talent from the rent, housing, registered permanent residence, unemployment insurance and other welfare, outside the concerns when eliminating external talents to join, also provides a series of value-added services.

IT also directly caught IT in Beijing are the core requirements. For a long time, nonlocal population occupies the most of IT industry, as well as realize own dream in housing, registered permanent residence, such pressure, some people even have overwhelmed and chose to escape.

to see net qin introduced several welfare policy, covering the ordinary employees to the high-end talent:

rent: network qin personnel department and HOME LINK real estate “with” freely to reach cooperation, provide all kinds of preferential, such as employees can rent for a free service, 9.2 fold and accident injury insurance, etc.

work residence permit: in the qin dynasty, working for half a year’s employees can apply for a residence permit a “green card” in Beijing said the work. To a certain extent, ease the staff especially graduate employees on the qualification of buyers that buy a house of sorrow.

account indicators: as one of the ultimate goal of north drift struggle, Beijing hukou being beyond the reach of luxury. Network not only declare the net qin qin post-doctoral mobile stations, at the same time, solve the housing problem for free for top talent.

unemployment benefits: in the qin dynasty work five years, conditions are eligible can apply for a non-fixed term contract, from then on don’t have to worry about unemployment.

look from these measures, the net qin core aims to improve the staff’s happiness, in the competitive compensation levels, more emphasis on the employee’s participation in life. These new welfare policy for most north bleaching gens, temptation is quite big. What’s more, network of the qin dynasty towards mobile Internet integrated platform has across the application and mobile medical security, games, advertising and other fields.

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