Nearby the App: seize the life intravenous drip, shallow social position the anonymous

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do you have in this moment? See the sky beautiful evening glow on the road, could not help but take down, but don’t know whom to share; Curious to know what’s happening around, but don’t want to and around the world keep in touch; Open all kinds of software, not others ignore you, is the content you send no one look, so less interesting. Believe many people met this realm, because everyone has a desire to express, all need to let the world feel their existence.

calm down and think carefully, and in a sprawling complex of social information and social behavior under the dimension of fragmentation around small story may be far more interesting than events, and anonymous expression can relieve people more social pressure. Recently had the opportunity to come into contact with a “side” of the social App, shallow social product main anonymous position, start from the side of, seize each side of the story, provide information on when someone somewhere around a certain value, use your a few words of comment to warm one.

position the anonymous shallow social, find another way of life

founder JiaoXueNing, senior Internet practitioners, with the successful experience of serial entrepreneur, previously created and investment companies are high-priced acquisition of listed company in Singapore, around the App is the third time his entrepreneurial experience. JiaoXueNing start from the Internet media industry, the development of social trends have their own original ideas.

he believes that people’s social behavior has been distorted by social pressure. Weibo, WeChat has become a hub for news, the share you may not be suitable for some of the social mainstream content mode; Users will not use without the secret, devoted to stranger, strangers because I don’t have very strong desire to make friends, just want to keep the distance light contact, as if in a cafe, can feel the words can be.

around the App on the functional design, fully consider the user’s social psychology and social experience. It’s not hard to find, anonymous has become the mainstream of social behavior patterns in the future. Around the App, users need to register, does not provide picture, ID, no friends, also do not need the information such as contacts, complete privacy guarantees anonymity, users can directly share stories happened around you.

second, follow the humanized function design around. Will take you around to share all pushed to “people” within a specified distance. Users can automatically push their limited range information, also can limit the scope and duration of the receiving information, such as choice within 500 meters, within 1 km, or set don’t disturb mode, etc., this half open two-way interaction, ensure that the user push the information with the audience, and alleviate the pressure of social people.

side can be simple to understand for users and the neighbors have in common a stranger circle of friends. Traditional thinking that, just for fun, anonymous leaks, convenient about x, and JiaoXueNing hunting cloud network interview, “anonymous just to keep curiosity and the world at arm’s length distance. People don’t think of twitter as known, also don’t want to be a micro letter in the circle of friends of some great parties, act as purchasing agency and to show off, just want to cleanly to express and share of the world, and is forming around except micro letter, weibo another way of life.”

user UGC, arouse positive energy around

around the App, users can act as a dual identity message originators and readers. That everyone is around the news, everybody is a side of life, the user can combination temporary large group chat anytime and anywhere, with hot topic string play together. In this way, users share interesting comments are given to every person to extend to for help, friends, about the party, and other functions, can also be somewhere at the beginning of the user to quickly understand all kinds of people around you, etc and all kinds of stories, side value is not just a simple social applications.

JiaoXueNing has been stressed in an interview with hunting cloud network “App positioning positive energy”. Strict management, the content of the UGC around around a complete set of algorithms can effectively filter out the most inappropriate content, at the same time, through “topic” plate, side guide users share interesting content. Side also has to report function, such as found pornography, violence and other inappropriate content, users can use the function, which can make the users themselves to manage content. JiaoXueNing convective cloud network said, “anonymous world can also be filled with positive energy, no matter how future development side App, at least from the attitudes and behaviors will always adhere to the positive energy of main line.”

for the social App, seed group of users of the product qualities play a key role. Marketing strategy is based on ideas around relatively pure college students as the breakthrough point, choice and university cooperation, will be located around college students the seeds of App users. It is understood that side has been popularized in trial of shenzhen university, and has obtained the good market response.

around the App has gone in the way of the business, the features of the product are iteration, now support for Android and Ios version in the App store to download to use. Nearby is undergoing a new round of financing plan, JiaoXueNing convective cloud network said, “we’ll person first, practical, steadfast walk every step, side’s ultimate goal is, when the user is not satisfied with WeChat, weibo, side is can replace another way of life; Around for business model, based on the geographical position close to the commercial pattern, with the future would consider into businesses, real estate and other cooperation, universal coverage radius of all kinds of information users life.” Cloud network hunting small make up think, as for the side of the main position of anonymous shallow social can be a positive energy, let’s wait and see.


time: November 2014


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