Narrative Science funding, it is likely to make journalists

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when yahoo last year announced the acquisition of 17 years old young entrepreneurs – news when applying the Summly, writing about machine will take the place of reporters to discuss then, the because Summly accuracy is comparable to edit content by hand. If many media practitioners who only think this is the case or the technology is still very immature excuses and ignore the time development, the following items or make people more worried about the future of the profession.

recently, automatic writing Narrative Science technology company announced it had obtained a new round of $10 million in financing, investors including United Services Automobile Association (The United Services Automobile Association), a body and The previous investors Sapphire Ventures, Jump Capital and ‘Ventures involved in this round of investment. So far, the company’s fund-raising total $32 million. In before, also won a high investment.

compared to other company thousands of dollars, compared to the financing amount of Narrative Science this round of funding was not bright eye, but the technologies behind reflected identity to be reckoned with. The company CEO Stuart? Frankel (Stuart Frankel), according to the company’s structured data can be analyzed and Quill platform, so as to understand the importance of these data, the final written content can generate infinite close to perfect. In this process, the Quill can replace artificial platform, reduce a lot of basic work, promote efficiency to reduce cost.

this is a little bit sound “creepy,” this will let many people lose their jobs? Despite the seemingly relentless, surface technology changes.

if the original machinery to replace the human physical work, artificial intelligence, more is to reduce human mental work, in the long run, the artificial intelligence might replace human. Narrative Science is the core of the artificial intelligence and data fusion technology, resulting in a short words or structured report content.

as early as 2011, Narrative Science began, has been the New York times, wired and other well-known media reported, that is famous in Summly earlier. At that time, The Narrative Science launched a namesake software can replace artificial writing reports, there has been a special architectural magazines published Hanley Wood press and sports news website, The Big Ten Network 20 media, such as in The use of The software.

every 30 seconds, Narrative algorithm can write out a news report. The computer to write news can be a Big Ten latest progress of the university basketball league, may also be involved in an enterprise’s revenue statement is more likely to be multiple Twitter information together into news about horse racing. Such articles have been in such as “Forbes” and other well-known media (many media do not want to reveal its identity) website. Niche news service has hired Narrative for the registered user to write the follow-up reports, making Narrative with their sports fans, small investors, or fast food restaurant boss.

Narrative Science co-founder and CTO Hammond said: “in terms of finance, our algorithm can read articles headlines, able to identify an enterprise’s stock price, to know that a certain executives employment or dismissal, understand that a company is the merger plan. At the same time, we know that these events with the relationship between the company’s share price volatility.”

in fact, an article written by Narrative algorithm, is not so obscure and hard to read. Of course, this article can’t and American sports commentary writer Roger Angell (Roger Angell) style. But this kind of narrative level, it can quickly will race results to convey information for sports lovers.

of course, the current technical level is not completely replace human. But this does not mean that the computer to write articles will always be in the position of the marginalized, also won’t always be limited in some tinkering around the edges or generate some simple corporate revenue comments above.

Hammond had asked such a question: in 2011 over the next 20 years, the computer can write articles Pulitzer prize-winning (Pulitzer Prize)? Hammond said, should be in less than 20 years, five years is likely to achieve this goal. In addition, he also predicted in the coming 15 years, 90% of the press releases will be written by a computer algorithm.

at present, the Narrative Science biggest rival for AutomatedInsights (formerly known as the Stat Sheet), based in north Carolina, and the Narrative has a lot of overlap. With feeling not in direct competition with the Narrative, then to the service aim of small newspapers and magazines, in addition is also involved in sports news reporting. Last year they produced 300 million reported in 2013, to 1 billion this year, next year will be more. And at the same time, their income is growing.

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