Nail art practitioners: carving ye had are in fact beaver’s home

cloud network hunting note: according to media reports, carving ye new project beaver has been valued 1 billion, performance for whatever first, as the latter of the strong into the nail salons, imposing manner quite sheng. With is in the nail industry, however, in this paper, the author han jia has sent out a question on the carved ye advocated by the model, also gave his analysis from different angles. Of his more radical thought, carved “that a set of” is just a game, cheat investors. Hunting cloud network share different voices from the industry, only provide the reference for the fellow entrepreneurs.

the author han jia, this article do not make any authorization:

carving, dapeng, standing far more thought highly of.

carving, stinger, in fact.

there, in heaven and earth.

han jia, I am a nail art practitioners. Originally our industry are few, has recently been a carved a raccoon dog fights, recently erupted doodle nail and beaver family dispute suddenly peoples attention, very busy. At first thought it was carved ye show again. Didn’t expect that someone is also invest, valuations reached $10, beaver home today have as a “liberation craftsmen” mode and market segment O2O model applied in martial arts circles. This let han I can no longer sit still, have to say a few words. Want you to look at low tide after who didn’t wear underwear!

beaver home the same way as other mobile interconnection model, mainly on three things: a response to a customer’s APP, a manicurist team (full time and full time), a door to door service and to give subsidies O2O mode.

say first APP, the APP is already contact of supply and demand both sides to provide a fast, convenient way to contact. This APP, service providers, has created a new triangle relations between and among consumers. In general APP is suitable for the relationship of supply and demand is weak in industry or service category. Example: ctrip, for example, a man want to travel on business, for a hotel on ctrip, live after leave, may never come to this hotel for life. This is the weak relationship. Same bleep a taxi, a taxi because the next encounter the same driver possibility is almost zero, when taking a taxi can also contact through the APP new drivers, so the APP is particularly suited to this industry.

so APP what thing does not apply to this industry? Is, of course, is one of the strong relationship between supply and demand. Such as nail salons, technicians and guests alone to nearly two hours at a time, there will be a very deep emotional communication on both sides. Once the service is good, they all want to fixed this relationship. The next guest can make a phone call contact technicians, don’t need to go to the APP around that wide. And once the service is not good, the guest will complain about APP platform not introduce her to good technicians, but did not want to use the APP.

so, the technician and is one of the strong relationship between the guests do the so-called APP is not sustainable. Public figures such as carved ye launch APP platform, the original will be believed and click on the APP, then what is said above happens. Ready and APP platform it doesn’t matter, do not good that has no more. This APP click will be less and less, finally dried up. Extreme example of this problem is to imagine there is a relationship between the strongest in the world “relationship” service platform for the APP, the final result must be no one to click on the APP, because a couple of a few words of pillow talk all communication. So we may say that any attempt to strong on both sides of supply and demand relationship of business transactions to establish the so-called APP connection mode is play rascal!

here besides said beaver manicurist team; Beaver family’s slogan is “the liberation of craftsmen”, let’s look at how practice beaver family “liberation” artisan.

beaver family manicurist team has two modes. Main body is your manicurist team, these manicurist to assume most of the door-to-door service. They give priority to with women, basic salary 5000-6000 (in the industry is high), there will be some commission after the door-to-door service.

so how these manicurist work?

there is no list, manicurist is commonly training, or waiting at home. Everyone send a 30 kg pull rod box (like the barber, including some of the basic tools and products). Once you have your order, the company will notify you go door to door service, every day, about three or four list of these orders in shannan haibei alp I generally to part-time technician (the nearest list), sometimes far away! In Shanghai, for example, the first in jing ‘an alone, the first ErChan may be in pudong, the third order to huangpu again, a little girl to pull a this box running back and forth by public transportation in Shanghai is a very hard thing, and a lot of time in the village has often not let into more) (senior village, very not easy in and can not find the specific address, found the guest may not be at home, so there’s nothing to do, have been tired of.

beaver’s home in order to improve the quality, also don’t let the technician on the guest toilet, the first guest is good, behind a few to do, in places like Shanghai is not easy to find a toilet, but also can’t be hold for a few hours. A lot of time if you want to rotate, there is not even dinner time. A lot of manicurist beaver family very miss warm in winter and cool in summer in the nail store to relax the time service for the guest. Feel this kind of door to door service is not free craftsmen, but let manicurist suffer, tired of do bad workmanship. So beaver family technician turnover rate is quite high, a large number of manicurist shop again.

another manicurist is part-time manicurist, these are mostly some high-end salon manicure shida good manicurist, work in the shop at ordinary times, notice the manicurist nearby service, when they have list that can or not and the idea of choose and employ persons looks very beautiful, in fact it is difficult to use. Beaver because of the lack of moral behavior caused the industry public outrage, every boss like anti-theft proof of his own manicurist. Don’t allow them leave or to go out. Result is originally a little free manicurist there is no liberation was boss is dead, the boss wives also USES high salary means to find a way to keep the player. Makes the already high technicians with higher price. It makes the industry more vicious circle, the final result manicurist without free, everybody together into the morass of high operating costs.

many wife of shop-owner smart, now send your manicurist to live from the home of beaver, cultivating their own customer base, once established good relationship with customers after the guests come also provide door-to-door service (because the store is nearby, the guest will be more comfortable to the door-to-door service, many customers were stores guests).

beaver family idea is to let manicurist to become self-employed and their liberation, but is actually a large number of their full-time manicurist. Make them into a more strict, more large organizations, what did these people become no free craftsmen, but became the victim of a large organization.

in the end, what beaver family’s business model, from the above beaver family staff composition, he is not the so-called O2O mode. And should be a B2C (own team) or C2C (part-time) mode. In the daily operations to avoid the B2C mode of management and service standardization problem in C2C mode.

this pattern also exist in the natural limitations. The first is door-to-door service is at the end of the suspension and the problems of service industry. Tutor before nail door-to-door service, hairdressing, health care, foot bath service have tried the door, family education and even a few hundred years ago, there is a door to door service), but there is no a success. Door-to-door service has three big soft ribs.

the first is the market is limited, the door is given priority to with high-end customers. Original number is limited, high-end and will accept the door even less (ask a few people can accept a stranger) become more. So even in first-tier cities such as Shanghai, Beijing’s demand is very limited, not to mention the second-tier cities (three line the following basic impossible, because small cities don’t need the door and bowed their heads and not looked up to see, don’t play that virtual).

because of the limitations of various kinds of door to door service, door-to-door service has been a niche market, applies only to a handful of the special needs of customers and not comprehensive. Don not apply to need high frequency, large flow model of APP diversion.

is security problems. Because in the home, technicians with guest longer (usually two hours or so), in the light of the person or property in the home, it is easy to gain wealth, if to be noticed by some people to play up a mess. So the door-to-door service, such as tutor, hairdressing, massage service companies such as most of them have been a major malignant events or because the boss volume the customer money to run the collapse of the stored value card, guests are also slowly back to the social education institutions (learning and thought, new Oriental), beauty salons, beauty salons, massage club. The results of the on-site service mostly is a dead end.

there is door-to-door service quality can’t guarantee anything, after all, carrying the instrument, the product is limited, thus limiting consumer choice. Time can’t satisfy the demand for personality put forward by the guests, and they will slowly return to the store and in the other traditional service industries have antecedents.

beaver family’s best weapon is corresponded way (the doodle nail cattle). In order to keep guests, beaver family often or manicurist certain subsidy for the guests, want to let them to slowly get into the habit of APP, which has a certain viscosity. In the relationship between the two sides of supply and demand is weak industry is a kind of mode, hope the guest habits without subsidies still can continue to use their service. But for nail such a strong relationship between industry, beaver family is established manicurist a strong relationship with the guests, once stopped the subsidies, manicurist feel uneconomic, they’ll cut sheet at any time, get rid of beaver home this platform. So beavers must take life-long subsidy way, beaver family own account and subsidies for ever. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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