Mysterious IDST department, ali group on which to establish the leading position in the future

it is well known that ma style with alibaba group over the past 10 years in seeks the strategy, layout, ecological, had been on almost every important points, and therefore the ripening, the world’s largest IPO cake, will also push Mr. Ma’s personal wealth to the richest man in China.

about alibaba strategy after the IPO, group Zhang Yongceng revealed that the COO will be mainly around the countryside, cross-border and data. From which it can be seen that the rural market is ali electric business environment in China, the vertical digging, cross-border is horizontal scalability (double 11 shopping festival will have larger reflect), and also need to use big data system support behind.

if the above several aspects of the measures is the recent can see and touch, so we should not only ask, ali group in building such a large ecosystem after another commanding heights will be? And from what to seek advantage position in the next 10 years?

I’m afraid the answer will be made by IDST (Institute of Data Science& Technologies) department to answer. IDST is what, why will have such a high position? Might as well look at alibaba group for the department of planning.

alibaba today officially disclosed IDST part, group is an innovative organization, bear the important responsibility is to promote group of prospective study and application, hope to establish the leading position in the future decades of alibaba group. At present, IDST has respectively in Seattle, USA, silicon valley, Beijing, hangzhou and other places to form a special team.

this department has been in the Internet giant is a common but remained a mystery, such as Google and baidu X deep learning institute, etc., are responsible for the company product next to the enormity of the task.

is different from the existing ali institute, IDST on research direction in addition has been established as the most important gold “big data”, even to the artificial intelligence, natural language processing, mobile search, multimedia recognition, etc.

“Big Data not settled yet, today is one of the mission of IDST define this uncertainty.” An alibaba group executive said. Have accused of “high value data” the commanding heights of ali, now also plans to use leading technical renovation of the existing business data, and to refine the more competitive business model.

these people move from a spate of high-profile technology is easy to see why. Such as team in two head and Jin Rong paint. Paint, purdue university, far in the department of computer science and statistics department two tenured professor, expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence; Professor Jin Rong tenured professor at Michigan state university in the United States, a former NIPS, SIGIR who lead, and other areas of the top international conference chairman, former top KDD, AAAI, IJCAI conference, senior program committee.

this week to join the tenured professor at purdue university department of computer department, research priorities include distributed information retrieval, machine learning, such as multimedia data processing and mining, presided over more than 20 projects sponsored by the U.S. government, industry, has won the national science foundation, achievement, yahoo, Google research award, etc.

from the perspective of the fragmented information of present, IDST preparation in the course of the year and has entered the stage of the leaders in every field to establish.

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