My office environment, a mobile phone application management your surroundings

when you worked in this busy society for a few years later, will know that there is a comfortable office environment is a how happy thing! Let Vivian Loftness professor to teach you how to make decision your place!

when you walk into the office, those smart sensors will automatically turn on the lights for you. But Vivian Loftness didn’t like them, she also don’t like the thermostat, because they will only respond to the Internet to escape the computer.

“now don’t want to let the users themselves is the mainstream trend of control, because it is the user the idea of some bad things,” Vivian Loftness said, she is the architecture professor at Carnegie Mellon university, is now by Robert l. Preger Intelligent Workplace the project, to study to improve the modern office environment. “We don’t like this trend, and we are trying to reverse it.”

Loftness and her team have developed a mobile application, it gives employees more power to adjust the office environment, and it is not like previous automation tools have to sacrifice something. This app called IDO (Intelligent Dashboard for Occupants), it provides a way for office staff to understand the building automatic system, can monitor lighting and temperature by smartphones. This is just a small fraction of all improve the working environment technology, the project to sell in the coming months to companies and government agencies.

today, office building waste a great deal of energy, such as heating up empty conference room, hall weekend also open air conditioning, no use but open the table lamp. This is why many companies will provide building automation systems, such as Siemens Apogee, Automated Logic Webctrl and Johnson Control Metasys, they will through automation management, to help reduce waste in lighting, refrigeration, heating and other phenomena, this is a good thing! According to the department of energy’s report, building energy consumption will account for 40% of the national. Therefore, the potential improvement space is huge.

but said Loftness automation at the same time there will be a very complicated changes, it may bring some inconvenience for office staff. Each building has its own complicated structure, it is not important for the work in which employees, but it will make you difficult to control the office environment. “Don’t talk about what we want to change, first make clear structure alone to consulting experts,” she said, “it’s like a car has a lot of we can’t understand function.”

she and her Intelligent Workplace team to solve this problem, they will be more than one data input to a building automation system on the dashboard, then use the system data provide you adjust the automation tool. Team has developed two construction management application: one is developed for buildings, another is for individual buildings or staff development.

by “construction manager”, her team can simplify multiple automation system and information collection process. Through the application of the employees, the staff will be able to control a particular device automatically, with their own mobile phones can lower the temperature of the office or meeting room, or to turn off the use of an empty conference room.

the project put forward by the team from Carnegie Mellon university, can solve any in line with the general standard of construction management system, including Siemens and Johnson control. The dashboard is based on the OSIsoft PI data system (allow them to capture multiple data streams, and compile them into a single source) and Microsoft Azure mechanical learning services (allowing them to analyze complex data). It provides managers and employees are a way to create your own automation tools.

like Nest (Google’s company) home automation tools, the system will be calculated according to the temperature outside it how long it will take to to reach appropriate indoor temperature, which means it can be before the employee to work to reach a comfortable indoor temperature. Team is also in time to update the application, so you can eliminate many equipment failures, it can record the energy dissipations of the each device, and then through the “construction manager” to remind the wrong behavior.

energy meter manufacturers Plugwise testing system of PNC bank, found in the test, using the IDO PNC employee than to use the application saves 38% of its electricity. So, many accused does not mean that the low efficiency.


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