My MOE, extend anchorwoman show mode, main value-added payment model

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this is a see the face of the world, from fresh meat to the full application market of a variety of drawing software, take artifact. Tell the world, the good “color” the time has come.

the love of beauty of life is not a heart, for women, especially beautiful words of goods has become a social behavior. Literally open a social classification application platform, with dozens of app are pushed the beauty to the front, beauty economy in the present moment is definitely hot. See the “yan” culture, “color” era, only the beauty is enough? My MOE – tell the user in such a crowded social applications market, the most familiar stranger is better.

My sprout, is a beauty picture + stranger social app, anchor shows images of the app on end.

it is understood that My main use of the crowd is between 25 to 35 years old, has the certain social experience and background of mature men (70, 70) and 18 to 25, beautiful women. Male users, mostly in the monumental exploits stage, has considerable pressure on the life and work, “for them offline about gun may also once had when dazed and confused, but it is more of a thirst for psychological and comfort.” And women, it is “dare to show love show, want to have the feeling of when the” star “.” My primary founder Chen Ji tell hunting cloud network.

at the moment, My primary, on more than 20 signing the anchorwoman, “we have open user corresponding to the female, but the real promotion and operations within the app is mostly about signing the host (seed users). To have the quality of the anchor ordinary users we try to get them into the host user.” Founder Chen Ji convective cloud network said. Chen Ji, the Rolling Stones mobile new media department director and the director of operations of the original 139 mobile weibo. At present, My primary, a team of 10 people, the core staff from the original mobile microblogging site and client development operations team.

The core of the

My primary function: to photos, pictures of a particular topic between user invitation, virtual gifts in return; Rob name, user’s pictorial book can be marked by virtual gifts giver name, other users value higher virtual gifts alternative name; Chat rooms, charm reach a certain level of users can form a group chat. In addition to the conventional social function, chat room users can give each other a virtual gift or “photos” function; PARTY official to provide cash or in kind of prize competition, users are free to join and share through multiple channels, please vote; Diamond brings, users receive other users paid gifts will be proportionally converted into “diamond”, can be used to participate in lucky draw, winning real prizes. According to hunting cloud network reporter understanding, My primary, and a function to be developed – private photo albums, users can upload private photos, and other users can take gold watch.

Chen Ji revealed that “live video shows/beauty has been stable active in PC, and a gradual move towards the mobile end.” Chen Ji seize this opportunity to make My primary video live shows an extension and supplement. “Mobile phone app, convenient and quick, can always get up to see if your favorite sister had a new photo or voice to own, will not affect the normal live, anchor the PC or the useful supplement their income.”

it is understood that My primary, officially launched in late September this year, at present has been updated to version 1.2, “the function of the new mall joined the chat room and diamonds, is expected in December to all the function is complete, start to do data structure optimization and the user experience.” Chen Ji said. My primary, software program is not perfect, there is no market for paid promotion, but there have been tens of thousands of users, active about 2000 people. Even if My MOE has many strong competitors bring us different social experiences, and the pattern of products My primary, keeping the user behavior in the online, pictures will be more closely with social interaction between users. “Make full use of spare time users meet their needs, and use effectively operating means to promote the user through from joining to produce consumer closed loop.”

in the future, Chen Ji hopes to become a vertical segment the unique survival, then My embryonic development.

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