“MX4C” release, MX4 crying

(text/water Yan)

the meizu has just released the plastic version of the MX4 – spirit’s blue NOTE, styling details and MX4 consistent, adopted and iPhone5C same material process of magnesium alloy frame and plastic shell. , but there is a little mistake, incarnate the blue NOTE support double 4 g five modules.

so, incarnate the blue NOTE have almost the same configuration and MX4, even more than MX4 certain parameters.

then price: MX4-1799, the spirit’s blue NOTEZ – 999.

, which one do you prefer?

on integral components selection, although the charm blue NOTE just below the MX4 generation, conference spirit’s blue Bai Yongxiang introduced adopted like MX4 memory (ROM) chip, using the key components to ensure system running speed. Other didn’t say, you know. Field trial, no difference, does not affect the operation experience, even using Flyme4.2 C on customization system.

handle on appearance, each with its own characteristics. But the charm the GFF full of blue NOTE (?) Joint effect than MX4 TOL technology, laminating layer more, low light transmittance, colour is dark.

tilt observation screen, there is a obvious grey border, affect beautiful. This is because the screen borders without staining filling processing, as well as the GFF laminating layer too thick. The concrete can be compared with m 4 black side process.

but the dispensing process of MX4 leaves will stay clear lap dirty side (white).

the screen clear and MX4 gap is bigger, color is yellow, the author thought the camera didn’t fix it, how all yellow picture?

is more influenced by blue no fingerprint proof coating, easily infected with fingerprint. But influenced by apparently more bright blue SAO fashion, plus the price can attract more people.

this is all the difference, and after further process optimization, process flaws are likely to be rapid optimization, especially many consumers more nerve root can’t see the difference. Want to know that there are a large number of users actually don’t even know the splash screen is a quality problem, a thought to brush a machine level just a matter of…

the problem is coming, are you buy the charm blue NOTE or MX4? Parameters, even larger screen.

the meizu have slashed the MX4 line change the spirit’s blue NOTE. And boring for the user, don’t have to worry about can’t buy MX4, but you still want to buy? Within a month ago in fact MX4 offline to store to buy directly. Perhaps the meizu offline channels can attract more small white local tyrants users, a MX4 without hesitation.

can grab? Can get M code? MX4 crying. Meizu is this education market change the position?


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