MX4 advance booking break 300 w meizu: that’s what I dream

on September 5, hunting cloud network (word/water Yan)

12 noon today, vice President of meizu misia on time message in weibo, said his latest flagship MX4 advance bookings in just two days time, more than 300 w has its rhetoric imitations friends, full of abuse, to show affection from the page.


close stop booking mx4, online booking has broken last night only 300 w… There is Pro… A tearful apology letter right now.

to know MX4 reservation is not the current Internet brand “zero dollars reservation”, but hard to pay the deposit, and even full booking . 200 yuan deposit reserve is offline store pickup, full booking 16 gb or 32 gb is meizu’s official mall is responsible for the delivery.

there are “MX4 + inWatch Pi” package booking, this is also need full booking. Meizu also put on this package booking preference: surprise package price limit, booking send headphones. Presumably for users who want to intelligent hand ring, this combo set attraction is a big .

at the current advance bookings, if full reservation, the most expensive 1999 or 1998 full booking, the meizu a suction gold 6 billion ; And even the cheapest 200 yuan deposit reserve, also reached the bright blind ball 600 million. Considering the 32 gb version, the temptation to package version, we take a middle number: 2.7 billion. This……

to know the meizu last year for a whole year ” only 5 billion! So now the meizu how far short of millet? Hunting cloud network after the subject has discussed analysis, can you are interested in, then to imagine.

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