Musk: robot will slaughter after five years of mankind

Tesla motors (Tesla) and capsules, Elon Musk, the founder of the two companies (Elon Musk) has once again issued a “threat” robot.

he has learning website in the future, according to the comment on the development of artificial intelligence (AI) will make future robot can decide to kill humans.

musk said: “this highly dangerous thing will happen in five years, up to 10 years.” Maybe he has realized that this sensational speech sounds may be shelled by netizens, musk added: “I am not in to some I don’t understand what nonsense.”

this is not the first time the musk issued a “threat” robots, he recently in Vanity Fair (Vanity Fair) at a conference also made similar views, according to the robot of artificial intelligence will lead to “delete” humans like to delete spam.

musk said: “if it can do some things like deleting spam, it may also believe that the best way to delete spam is to destroy human.”

musk in remarks published on has been deleted, but the original text is as follows:

the development of artificial intelligence so quickly it’s hard to imagine, unless you are very understand Deepmind company engaged in artificial intelligence research (), or you simply can’t imagine its speed. Killing the very serious threat (human) will happen in five years, at most 10 years. I’m not in for something I don’t understand the nonsense. And, also is not I a person aware of the threat. Leading artificial intelligence company measures have been taken to ensure the security of the (human).

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