Music playback application future: out of the burning money trouble, make music community

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with the development of high-tech, now the life of people more and more rich and colorful, in the human implementation can carry music with you in the side, almost every application of mobile phone users to download ranks are little not the existence of a music playback applications. Each one has his different preferences, their demand for the application of the function also is not the same. So a variety of music playback applications appear in people’s field of vision, the dizzying. A few of the most influential powerful music broadcast application backed out.


music broadcast applications count

cool dog music

cool dog sound quality be sure by the masses, do well in the visual interface, card operation, new private custom music, nondestructive quality, many functions such as near friend. But as it is ignored to improve the function of the lyrics and near two big projects, fewer list form, and song list to find difficult, so some of the ointment.


desktop lyrics, cloud backup, nondestructive, vast library support, gestures, professional sound effects, etc. Symbian system is popular from the past occurs when the app, interface simple operation is simple, has been focusing on the quality of music, the function is not fancy, but library songs are comprehensive enough.

QQ music

high quality music, download, album pictures and full screen display, the PC collection of songs lyrics synchronization to the handset. Music radio function, so share of preservation that is associated with your account at any time, list of rich and colorful, mobile phones play with LAN PC control, lyrics, a translation.

netease cloud music

elegant flat style, vinyl design, style restoring ancient ways, 5 million licensed library, super quality music, CD quality. Private FM, recommend playlists and song, song of the superior quality, high-quality goods station of powerful cloud synchronization, private playlists, interactive, thumb up listening to song, the lyrics translation, and other functions, but the library is insufficient, needs to be improved.

shrimp music

elegant interface, intelligent recommendation, roaming similar songs, original collection, selected atlas, user comment, and other functions, but focus too flashy, function library songs have been reduced.

cool my music

library powerful free management, synchronous import itunes songs, playlists, multiple choice, nondestructive quality enjoy sound my collection login is synchronous, unique network change skin function, intelligent control. Without login you can listen to download high quality nondestructive music, from advertising, but the singer album pictures, a list of directory space occupied large.

Music over


friends listen while singing K song, music circle. Japan and South Korea zone, a powerful library, beautiful interface, characteristic music changes color visual function, and less memory, but the new version appeared problems in download songs cannot be synchronized to the local music.

baidu music

a: baidu since it acquired in 2006, was renamed after baidu music, music has been inspiring to development road, voice search songs, self-built local list, ultra-high quality audition and wifi offline caching, the cloud synchronization, is powerful, backed by the user.

new (skyshatter)

services by the founder of the uTorrent Ludvig Strigeus participating in the development of p2p music broadcast application, music have been record company authorized, including one hundred generations guarantee authentic, but is only available online to listen to, can’t download music. Cross-platform, high quality, P2P, gorgeous interface, library, a hot data rich, rich online on demand, social music features, artists radio, music recommendation, biggest pop, radio music style, practical strong, with the domestic competition, not inferior to any application of a music player, don’t lose called music listening industry extremely player, a great god, Boss.

music broadcast applications the current state of

music broadcast application features like to listen to listen to anytime and anywhere. Today’s all kinds of music playback application on sound quality, interface, library, etc. The main function of kung fu, the clouds cloud music such as netease attaches great importance to the function of social sharing, cool dog music attaches great importance to the operation is simple and clear, QQ music pay attention to find music, baidu music attaches great importance to the management of local music, music and more meters, attaches great importance to the function of integration with business development and so on. However, the main factors to distinguish them have interface and additional functionality is different, some application development personality playlists, radio, and other functions, while some could hit, interactive direction near emphatically, diversity. Now, in general, music playback application development though, in different ways different degrees of improvement, but it was uneven. There is always one fatal weakness, too much focus on additional features or aspects of the interface, and ignore the guarantee of the quality and quantity of music itself. Or instead, just Chen in music quality, powerful, ignore library or not keep up with the trend, to be washed out roads, and so on. How better to go on, ponder.

from content , music broadcast applications title high quality music , most with 320 KBPS nondestructive music to guarantee the quality, strive to do music CD quality, no doubt is a favorite of music enthusiasts. On the other hand, to copyright music is given priority to , now to another guarantee the quality of music points belong to the copyright issue, the song when the music copyright application producers to get more songs, and even start copyright and exclusive rights, means it can hold the mainstream of the user.

the development on the , is obvious to all, just a few years time, the music playback application from the past simple listening to the music to to a diversity function to explore . Such as single song music download development to the radio, and single recommendation, music listening to share songs collection, and the words, and the development of song lyrics translation, and so on, more and more convenient for people to use and enjoy. And the radio model is easy to form the fans of “economy”, to form strong stickiness, attract more audience.


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